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Colbert 100 Bush 32

Stephen Colbert at the end of a scathing take down of all things Bush at last night's White House Correspondent's Dinner capped it with an audition video for the job of White House Press Secretary. Very funny stuff.

Quicktime Video 6.3MB 6'50
Quicktime 7 required



Was a bit drawn out, but overall not bad.

It's not playing for me.

You need quicktime 7 and I recommend firefox if you're on a PC

drawn out? really? I thought those were the best parts. Colbert is the master of unnecessary hyperbole and the anti-climatic. the window rolling up for no reason was the funniest part IMHO.

Colbert's performance is just another addition to a string of great things coming this summer. Neil Young's album is out, protests, Saramago's new novel 'Seeing,' and V for Vendetta. If things get any more intense, I think I'll have to dig up my "smash the state" button from my punk rock days.

appreciate the post norm

Hi Daisy, I can't play the videos like I could on the main page, using Internet Explorer.

But I could play the video once I click on its feedback link so that the video stands alone in a html page.

It would be interesting to see a poll of Colbert's approval rating. Would his and Bush's add up to 100%?

Brilliant. Can Colbert be nominated for anything for this?

I mean, besides Guantanamo.

Click on my name to see the entire video in three parts on


Colbert died in the room but his bit was great. I think that the assembled suckups felt cheap for the Preznit.

This is awesome. It's incredible that this and his speech was done in front of Bush and a crowd of thousands. It's now official: Colbert has a huge set of balls.


"Colbert has a huge set of balls." While this may be true in a physical and/or metaphorical sense, this speech hardly does anything to confirm it. After all, there was no risk. This is the USA, not a Communist country or an Islamic theocracy. Bush wouldn't have grounds to do anything against Colbert even if he was the humorless vindictive sort who would want to. The big risk Colbert was taking was that he would bomb so bad on the jokes that he would lose millions of viewers.. and even though I've read plenty of claims that he bombed (I thought it was fairly humorous, though not his best work), I have seen no indication that even those people will stop watching his show. After all, the Colbert Report rocks.

While there's nothing that can be done against him, the consensus that he has a "huge set of balls" is there for the simple reason that he absolutely trashed the most powerful head of state in the world right in front of him, hundreds of people at the ceremony, and thousands of people that have seen it on YouTube or CSPAN. He's probably not afraid that anything will be done to him, but that expierence can be humbling.

I thnk that colbert is right. Has anyone looked at this as a message to the american people? do not think of it as an act... but as a decleration to the american people.. Get off of your ass!!!!! You can run this nation!!

funny vid, does anyone know is stephen colbert is a republican or democrat im kinda confused?? but yea write back


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