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Advertising Magic

Create your own commercial Chevy got more than they bargained for, and you can see some results at You Tube Nightline covered the story tonight and here is one of my favorites Chevy Coulter by The Witch Next Door who also did Chevy O'Reilly

Quicktime Video 2.6MB 2'08
Quicktime 7 required



I definitely have ot figure out how to embed mine in my blog.

There's nothing like humour to draw attention CorporateGreed & waste.

I was actually pretty proud of of this video, give it a go?

I don't know if there is some easy way, but I made a copy and uploaded it to YouTube you can find it here It will probably take a bit of time before it is ready to play. If you want to post it on your site as a video from You Tube send me an email and I'll explain how to do it if you need help.

Hey BlueBerry did you figure out an easy way to save it? I have a method just capturing the video live as it plays, but if there is a way to save that would be easier. I grabbed yours by the way and could put it on YouTube and you could grab the code from there to imbed it.

I definitely have ot figure out how to embed mine in my blog.

I was actually pretty proud of it!

You rock, thank you!

btw: sorry 'bout the double post. Couldn't sleep last night & it shows!

drop me a line & we can figure this out!!

gasp. old people aren't supposed to know about global warming or the internet! Who put that on the news!?

Haha, Nancy Weiner.

So companies are just ignorant of the internet, how did they now know they would get flamed

Oh my god! The Chevy Coulter (and its companion, the Chevy O'Reilly) is my creation! I can't begin to tell you how excited I am to get a shoutout from this blog. I will have to post the links on Last Midnight now. I'm so thrilled! Thank you!

Thanks for giving me the credit-mojo! 1gm was one of the very first blogs I ever frequented, so I am very honored!

this one is really good


so now its complete, the Tv studio profit off user created shows, the news is getting y with out actually investigating, they depend on the blogs it seems, and now Ad agencies dont have to do anything at all either, other than push the user created ads.

i guess out sourcing is everywhere afterall.

Go ahead & post, m'dear! lemme know the URL for the ad.


Namaste BlueBerry Pick'n can be found @ "Silent Freedom is Freedom Silenced"


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