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" 9/11 9/11 Bush is using it as an excuse to erode our constitutional protections and you're falling for it"—Meadow Soprano

Quicktime Video 990K '57
Quicktime 7 required



Got to love her "powered by tofu" t-shirt, too!

What was the last thing she said? I couldn't make it out...

Black people on logs? Huh?

she says, "You don't relate to black people clinging to logs" (in reference to Katrina)


"she says, 'You don't relate to black people clinging to logs' (in reference to Katrina)"

Could be--the first thing I thought of was Haitian refugees, though.

Not the best bit of Sopranos dialogue, though. The political message is quite forced. Almost as awkward as a gruff mob boss invoking the opinion of "many scientists" in a paleontological discussion with his fundie neighbor.


Why are you using QuickTime? I get a message that it is missing software and it cannot be found? What's wrong with them? Only audio. No video.

I use quicktime because I believe it is best. Are you using quicktime version 7 or equivalent is required to view many videos on this site? If you don't like Quicktime you're visiting the wrong site.

Things are not going to go well for our boy Finn, that's for sure.

The frightening alternative to QT is WindowsMedia.

The choice is clear.

Ah, gone are the times when the mob still used to vote Democratic...

(Don't shoot, please! :-) Was just tongue-in-cheek..!)

I'm all for getting some jabs in at the administration in TV shows, but it seems all these HBO/Showtime (whatever) shows just force it. The Sopranos have done it twice lately, Weeds did it, etc

I don't mind it, but they could at least make it look a little less forced.

Quicktime is the best. I have a Dell and there's simply nothing to debate, it's the best. I'm sure even the Republican mafia would agree.

Don't ya just love, the occasional why Quicktime comments. They always make me feel like I'm the victim of a drive-by shooting. I don't know why they bother me, after all they always miss.

Good one, Meadows...

Even Mob children thinks Bush, is a "pendejo"...

hahaha... I like this show!

Black people clinging to laws?

Or clinging to logs?

What? Are Afgahn's black? I thought they were Arabic?

Or the Katrina victims? None of them were clinging to logs.

I love The Sopranos but I wanna bitch slap the little pissant liberal writers who feel the need to do some bullshit liberal speech making in every episode.

I don't even WANT Bush and company mentioned on such a fine show as The Sopranos!

Why sully a great TV show with his name? Don't even mention him good or bad. Let Bill Maher do that.

It just dates your show to mention current events. And Bush was never really elected in 2000 anyway. So that's more reason not to mention he's the president.

Btw, I think it's great that TV in US can do satire against the government.

In Singapore, you'll get a lawsuit. Journalists are even publicly censured by the government if they write anything overly critical of my government.


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