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The Clash of Civilizations

Can that be right? About 60% of Catholic Charities is funded with government money? Well that kind of puts a kink in the religious folk are the big givers argument, unless what we're saying is that they are big givers of other peoples money.

Below the Fold: The Clash of Civilizations: Coming to a State Near You

Well, hallelujah back at ya: the Boston Catholic Archdiocese, seeking to deny gay couples adoption privileges in violation of Massachusetts anti-discrimination laws, decided to get out of the adoption business altogether. They are foregoing their $1 million in state funding for adoption services, and have fired their 15 adoption service workers.

The cause is religious freedom – yes, religious freedom. Because the Vatican in 2003 called gay adoptions “gravely immoral,” Massachusetts’ four Roman Catholic bishops decided on February 28, 2006, to seek regulatory relief from state anti-discrimination laws so that Catholic Charities can begin discriminating against potential gay adoptive parents. Though the agency had successfully placed 13 children with gay couples over the past 20 years with no reported ill effects, Boston Archbishop Sean O’Malley announced that the Archdiocese would insist that Catholic Charities desist in order that the exercise of Church’s religious freedom be preserved. . .

(Via 3quarksdaily.)



First we get Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney going ape over same-sex marriages. His speeches in North Carolina and pronouncements all strike down gays/lesbians as worthy of being married. Then Mr. Romney states today that Catholics have the legal right to reject gays/lebians as adoption candidates but he still thinks gays should be able to adopt.

Isn’t Mitt is the consummate politician. Amazingly straddle the fence. Is he running for President? Yes, but could he be more confusing on the issues at hand!? Mitt says gays can adopt but they shouldn’t be able to marry.


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