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Not Concerned Redux

In a major policy shift George Bush is Confident Bin Laden Will Be Captured it wasn't that long ago that he was "not that concerned." You didn't think we'd forgotten, did ya George, well did ya?

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It's amazing how much older he looks now than in Oct. '04. Thank god he's paying some way. And why does he grin when he uses the word "exaggeration"? I guess it's coz it's the first time in the new millenium he's used a five-syllable word. What a smug, dim-witted idiot. There's absolutely nothing he does well-except for fcuk everything up.

I think he mixed it up with the 2000 election when the mere outing of words like "exaggeration" or "fibbing" or "internet" won him the White House (or 48 percent of the vote) - not because of his smugness but because of a smug, dim-witted press that did all the dirty work for him and finished Gore. In 2004 it was words like "flip-flopper" or "swift boat", you may remember. He didn't even get that straight.

I think that quote comes from his first debate when he was wired and looked like the idiot he is. What a tragedy. Future generations will never understand how this stammering jerk ever got to be President..

Awesome. Simply awesome. Your web site is one of my favorites.


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