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Academy Awards / Jon Stewart

Jon did a solid job. Charming and funny, in short everything that makes him a favorite here at onegoodmove

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I've found three reviews so far, and each one was negative. "Boring." "Bombed." and "Played it safe."

But I agree with you - I thought he did a fine job. Given the event, not going in guns-a-blazin' showed wisdom & respect.

He seemed a bit nervous during the monologue. In all the years I've been a fan, I've never seen any visible evidence of nerves in him, so it was actually very endearing to see.

As a Stewart fan I was curious so I watched the opening. As the post above says, he looked nervous. I think the poster over at Huffingon on this point who observed that his style isn't suited to that forum is correct. The event is too "serious" and for that they need someone who is an avuncular insider, like Bob Hope or Johnny Carson. The newer insiders (Crystal, Goldberg, etc.) simply aren't as good entertainers in that vein. The one joke I thought was really good was the "just wanted to let you know what everyone else in the country thought." There must have been a ten-second silence. Hollywood really can't take a joke, it seems.

Score! Poor student = no TV, so, thanks!

One of Jon's best lines of the night:

"Our next presenters are two very talented brothers - which I realize is an excellent way to describe the Baldwin family."


My fav. was:

"For those of you keeping score at home...Martin Scorsese, zero Oscars. Three 6 Mafia, one."

Jon may not be as appropriate for the setting as Billy Crystal or Steve Martin - but I liked him better. Maybe cause I know what he is willing to do and capable of when in the right setting.

I liked his line (not exact of course) "The Oscars are a great night. They're the only night we get to vote for a winner."

Great long pause with that. Too true that Hollywood can't seem to take a joke (or at least a few can).

i liked him a lot. he did a great job. solid and extremely focused meaningful and fast humour.

I love Jon Stewart and his sense of humor, but I'm with the consensus that it had no place at a wank fest like the Academy Awards. He seemed tense 'n' nervous, none of his jokes were all that good, and the only ones I did happen to like had both been made before; The allusion to homosexuality made through old film clips of cowboys talking about their guns was done on the Colbert Ropert (the man who predicted 5 for 5, baby!), and the joke about how Walk the Line was Ray but with white people was stolen from Doug Benson. ( After seeing that clip, I'm glad I missed the show. What a farce!

Oh, but I did like seeing Schmucky Spielberg look displeased when Jon made fun of his Jew dramas.


An Hollywood.

Jon Stewart is a master of intelligent comedy, and this proved for once and for all that Hollywood not only takes itself too seriously, but it can't laugh at itself and its own silliness, and that it is no better than the humorless Christian Conservative GOP fundies that they oppose.

Sorry Hollywood, this liberal is embarassed at you. I for one hope that Jon Stewart continues to lampoon both the Right and the Left, because there's a lot to laugh at.

its a nice thing!


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