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George Bush Answering The Tough Questions

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Late Show with Dave Letterman
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Never ceases to amaze me.

Dave is normally a fairly apolitical character in the public eye. He certainly makes political jokes in his monologue, but everybody does that. The fact that he's actually beginning to ridicule this administration outside of the monologue leads me to believe that he's actually concerned (as everyone should be)

Letterman started going from comic/sarcastic needling to outright political commentary when he had Bill O'Really(sic) on his show recently.

Remember the confrontantion when Bill was hammering on about Christians being left out of Christmas. It was a faux (Fox) PR stunt.

Oh, this asshole (Boosh) had it planned from the very start. Looks like Ted Rall summed up the effect of cutting education nicely:

I can't help but imagine, in some evolution-free zone somewhere, there are folks who could watch that exchange and think Bush handled it like a champ. Such is the level of blind devotion this man enjoys.

Though I did think the bringing-up of phlegm was a rather nice touch. It's not often one gets to hear one's president horking something out of his throat.

Quite an honor we've all been given, indeed.

What I always like in this clip is the questioner: "...I just wanna know how's that supposed to help our futures?!" Take that, Mr. President!


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