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Dead Eye Dick


The Vice President in what many consider a veiled warning to his former chief of staff Scooter Libby shot his hunting partner. Unconfirmed reports have Dick claiming the shooting was the result of bad intelligence. Blah3 suggests that now would be a great time to listen to Rx's wonderful song "Dick is a Killer" and I agree. You'll find more of Rx's fine work to download at thepartyparty and don't miss this video Cheney Got A Gun

5.3 MB (audio only)



This event confirms what we all know -- guns don't hurt people, idiotic vice president's using them do.

In reguards to this story, check this site:

It's a pretty funny take on the subject of the shooting story.

Thought you might find this amusing, Norm:

After wounding a man with a shotgun, Cheney dragged him to the ground, pulled out his still beating heart, and savagely devoured it before the man was dead, sources have stated.

Cheney must renew his "life force" periodically by eating the still beating heart of a virgin, or when a virgin heart is unavailable, a lawyer.


hi ya,, first post.. hunting texas style..

Finally, someone in the Bush admin has some military experience....


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