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Bill Maher New Rules

Let Bill Maher catch you up on Alito to Abramoff, Frey to K-Fed and Clay Aiken to “Brokeback” before the return of Real Time with Bill Maher, LIVE on Friday, February 17 at 11PM, only on HBO.

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Real Time with Bill Maher
*note I linked to this a few days ago but was not satisfied with the quality.



Maher needs to be in front of an audience. That's his schmoozy bit. Without that he comes off as he probably is: really, really self-important.

You're a comedian, Bill. Act like one.

Maher doesn't mind the warrentless wiretaps?

He should throw his "libertarian" credentials in the nearest garbage can.

Or am I mistaking dry humor for shallow carelessness?

Am I the only person who finds Bill Maher incredibly obnoxious? He's also mind-boggingly ignorant. If you haven't seen it, do watch his 'interview' with Noam Chomsky:

Maher clearly has ABSOLUTELY no clue what Chomsky's talking about. He can't fathom the basic universal truisms that Chomsky speaks of, rather he is so caught up in the bizarrely stupid American political culture.

He also sits there and lets the William Buckley wannabe (he's half-way there with the accent) Andrew Sullivan make outrageous statements about Chomsky without challenging him at all.

I agree, jackk. I've never been a huge fan of Bill Maher. The only thing he manages to do right on his show is to get some interesting guests.

Definitely needs a live audience. "Hersey highway", comes across as incredibly stupid and cheap without a laugh track.


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