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Ann Coulter With Bill Maher

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Real Time With Bill Maher

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God....what an ignorant, pompous, filthy, foul, idiotic, worthless, piece of scum, this Coulter dungheap is. Stop putting her on the air. Ignore her. Exile her. Pay no attention to this rotting mass of a human being...

"She's my friend." Wha? Could this be true that BM is actually friends with Coulter? Is all of this, Mahrer, O'Reilly, Coulter, Stewart all a big sham? And that they are all "friends", and just yank each other in a staged, WWF-like tug-o-war just to sell toothpaste?

If it is true that "you are the company you keep", this assertion strikes a blow to Mahrer's credibility.

Say it ain't so. I beg you...

hey, norm, you're a smart guy - isn't there a way you could come up with a mathematical proof or theorem showing the non-existence of a human soul using Ann Coulter as evidence?


Isn't that in the Declaration of Indepence " We believe these truths to be self evident" ?


Never ignore her, because she is too big of an influence on conservatives. Learn about her and read up on her, so you can conter her claims, but never ignore. You wouldn't want to be ignorant. If you use information against her, then you can learn about what she does wrong and prove other (conservatives) wrong.

Bill Maher is friends with Ann Coulter. He likes her because she has a crazy opposition to almost every viewpoint he has, yet she never pulls any punches. For me, that wouldn't quite cut it, but at least it gets her on his show to argue with him while she's too much of a coward to go on other shows.

Ditto, boxcar. Ann Coulter is every bit as real as Pro Wrestling & reality TV. I can't stand the creature but can acknowledge her(?) ability to cash in on the right-wing zealotry. She(?) could use a few pointers on femininity from Brini Maxwell to make her(?) "woman" character more believable.


Talk about the trivialization of public discourse.

Bill Maher and his friend Ann Couulter.

Everytime I think Maher has something to add to the mix he has an episode like this little lovefest with Coulter.



I love you. You even screen-capped that psychotic moment. LOL. My post isn't ready yet, but here's a preview:

Thanks for making it bearable,


Great blog...glad I found it!

Didn't Maher date Coulter for a while? She was a frequent guest on P.I. too.

That clip really made me dislike coulter, but i'd still bang her.

"Didn't Maher date Coulter for a while? She was a frequent guest on P.I. too."

Correct! Thus explaining the "why" part of this thread.

no way, she looks like a man with a wig.

I certainly don't agree with her, not before and not now, but when she's not talking she is kinda fine...

That clip really made me dislike coulter, but i'd still bang her.

Posted by anon at October 8, 2005 03:59 PM

Everytime I see and hear Her Boniness I am reminded of Sir Thomas Beecham's description of the sound of a harpsichord: "a pair of skeletons copulating on a corrugated tin roof."

After reading David Brock's Book, Blinded by the Right, I will never look at Ann Coulter quite the same way again.

She's got some serious issues.

How could he let her say some outrageously false things without bothering to contradict her? Who ever said the butterfly ballots confused blacks? It was old Jewish folks with bad eyesight. The two "liberal economists" she refers to never said anything about blacks in their work relating abortion and crime. How could he let those statements go?


I think she's outrageous and pompous and totally narrow and extremely jingoist....

That said, debates are just so: as personal as they try to get, the less personal a person stays is quite a contrast. Maher I think played the upper hand by prefacing this debate/interview as just that, an exclusive, outside each others' personae...maybe I just mean he was polite...whereas Coulter looked like someone who chews with her mouth open and leaves spent tampons on the kitchen counter. :D

I hate that he let her take a pass on so many things. I guess if he pointed out all her falsehoods and half-truths, they wouldn't have gotten past her first couple of sentences.

I dunno... but I kind of found her funny here rather than just annoying. I mean the things I agreed with, like Bush is an idiot were halarious getting her to admit that. And then the conservative mumbo-jumbo was just so obvious there was no sense arguing. Like the look on her face when she was like "Poverty creates crime?" What a shock!


I really try to avoid Coulter. Even if she were reading Shakespeare's sonnets, her voice is like a needle in my eye. On top of that there's Bill Maher bossing around the crowd like the jerk he is, prohibiting people from booing his friend Ann.


I must heartily disagree with the idea that we all need to follow Ann Coulter because she is influential. She's really not. She's not because she doesn't produce policy suggestions at all, but cheap debating points. "It was liberals who wanted to abort black people!" is mind-meltingly par for the course (what or whom could this statement possibly "influence", except private conversatons among morons at Young Republican meetings?). You will really become dumber by listening to what she is saying (even if you disagree with it totally).

Take a look at the major papers' op-ed sections in an average week. The best conservative columnists are actually making suggestions, outlining proposals, critiquing prevailing ideas. Coulter rather is: once in a while prognosticating badly ("Rove will not be indicted"), most of the time shooting off politically-incorrect one-liners and spinning an endless tale of mischief done by "liberals", as if liberals were a street gang rather than an enormously varied set of people unified only by general location on the ideological spectrum.

At least Coulter doesn't whine about getting attacked for her "politically incorrect" comments the way Maher does. Maher acts as though the revulsion at some of his thoughtless remarks is some sign that's he's speaking more truth than the rest of us. Coulter knows better; she knows that she'd be an absolute nobody without the outrageousness, and that she profits form the uproar in a big way. What liberal cannot cite verbatum: "We should invade their countries kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity."?

I repeat: it is silly to feel like you're missing something if you ignore Ann Coulter. And listening to her really will make you dumber.

That was pretty good. Coulter really seemed ridiculous. She just says stuff that is ... unbelievable. She's a nutbag.


yo dende blogger,

everting yo say is truism but fo the first bit - the crap that the lil crack ho spouts is a big influence on many ringers cos they is spouting that shit right back. she innae no lone voice, she is right their with bushco inc. in her mindless bullshit, lack of policy and vision and all the rest

saying ignore her cos pay attention you get dumb be too dismissive. gotta know what dem ringers says before you can refute it proper like.

on the would i wouldn't i bounce that ass i say hell no fools! Lookit them eyes, she look like crack ho or one them chicks who suck horse cock out of desparation for the next hit or rent payment or whatever. There be no meat on dem bones, an yall gotta have booty other its like loving the little boy y'know?

I think she is hilarious, just one more permutation of the fucked carnival funhouse frewakshow that is USA. That nation be so fucked up and surreal it be beauty if not for the monumental suffering it inflicts across the world.

Being an indigenous brotha meself I thinks all yall white bread muthas should realise you cant govern over a spitoon full a joey without fuckin it up and give back to the First Nations - them apaches, luisenos, peublos, commanche, cree and all them.

Indigene power mofo!

What the hell?! Does she even know what the truth is?! As an attorney, she should check her facts. Oh yeah, liberals were the ones who originally advanced the notion of aborting black babies...there you go - use the "I know you are but what am I?" defense. Great tactic when used in court.

Here is a theory...Bill Maher understands the entertainment value of a foul mouthed Barbie doll and uses it for his own show's promotion. In that sense he is the flip side of the same coin as Anne Coulter.

She is really just an airhead with a bangable appearance who spews off neo-con sound bites. What more could a born-again good ol boy want to jerk off to?

If you could only appreciate the irony. In Coulter's book, Slander, she describes this exact thing happening. If a conservative tries to bring up serious issues that liberals really have no counters for, then they default to the classic "you're stupid and ugly" standpoint. "pompous, filthy, foul" "airhead" "nutbag" "looked like someone who chews with their mouth open" "man with a wig" "could use a few points on feminity" My God people, this only strengthens her points. Maybe if you actually brought up valid arguments to counter her statements (some ppl here do, I respect that) instead of bashing her appearance, you'd actually appear intelligent.

Well, I saw the first part of the interview with Ann Coulter, and I was beginning to change my opinion of Ann Coulter, until the discussion went to racism, at which point Ms. Coulter again proved quite vile.

That screen shot is great! How funny.

It's sad that both Coulter and Maher sparred on the basis of liberal vs conservative rather than talking about real issues and their consequences for people's lives. Maybe that sells a talk show, but it doesn't advance humanity even one iota.

Dunno, I kind of find the idiots like Ann and Rush useful. If I hear people spouting their ideas, I know instantly to ignore that person and anything they say. It keeps discussion with them to a minimum and I don't waste my time.

I just laugh and start treating them like the small simple-minded children they are.

Maybe it just me. But if she wasn't so conservative she could pose for Maxim.


If you could only appreciate the irony. In Coulter's book, Slander, she describes this exact thing happening. If a conservative tries to bring up serious issues that liberals really have no counters for, then they default to the classic "you're stupid and ugly" standpoint.

What serious issue was Coulter bringing up that no liberal had a counter for?

What is Bush thinking? Why wouldn't he have nominated Ann? (sorry)

It's a man, baby!

Look at her Adam's Apple.


Also in Slander, Ann claimed that political discourse has become insufferable and if liberals were robbed of using the word stupid when arguing, then they would lose their argument.

How about these gems from Coulter:

"Usually the nonsense liberals spout is kind of cute, but in wartime their instinctive idiocy is life-threatening."

"Whether they are defending the Soviet Union or bleating for Saddam Hussein, liberals are always against America. They are either traitors or idiots, and on the matter of America's self-preservation, the difference is irrelevant."

"My only regret with Timothy McVeigh is he did not go to the New York Times Building."

"Liberals hate America, they hate "flag-wavers," they hate abortion opponents, they hate all religions except Islam (post 9/11). Even Islamic terrorists don't hate America like liberals do. They don't have the energy. If they had that much energy, they'd have indoor plumbing by now."

"If liberal propaganda didn't work, it would be impossible to comprehend bimbo starlets and uneducated slobs attacking the intelligence of the man who won the Cold War"

"We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity. We weren't punctilious about locating and punishing only Hitler and his top officers. We carpet-bombed German cities; we killed civilians. That's war. And this is war."

Oh yeah, she is just so brilliant.

does she have an Adam's Apple??

Many of the claims that Ann Coulter made were spins on the obvious observations that we see in the present state of the country. Oh thats right, some deep-seated philosophical wrong was done by democrats because they made the implication that Blacks are dumb because they cannot figure out butterfly ballots...WHEN IT WAS THE REPUBLICAN POLITICAL MACHINE THAT WAS SCREWING BLACK PEOPLE TO BEGIN WITH. She was very two-sided, which is an element that I have identified with many conservatives. You want to punch them in their faces but they are too subtle about their nascent racist and nationalist beliefs to give you a good reason to...they always pussyfoot around the truth of the situation. What is further depresing is that conservatives should traditionally reject governmental intervention as by their nature and their school of thought...Republicans are just too controlling and mafia-esque to be considered conservative.

Funny was how she let out all the republican and conservative view who had no credibility. Funny was when she said that poverty was not causing the crime among black people. Men, is she stupid or what. I loved how Bill Maher did this interview, two thumbs up.


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