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Links With Your Coffee - Tuesday

Endgame Great Video

Touched by His Noodly Appendage

An interview with the Prophet Bobby Henderson, the voice of Flying Spaghetti Monsterism.

Faith Based Disaster

French psychiatrists don�t take Freud criticism lying down

A WAR of words has erupted among French psychiatrists after the publication of a �black book� that lambasts the teaching of Sigmund Freud and blames his followers for setting back mental health care in France by decades.
In a country that is one of the last redoubts of pure Freudian psychoanalysis, the book has been like shock treatment for many in the white-coat establishment who accuse the authors of grovelling to the �Anglo-Saxon� trend towards behaviour-based mental therapy.

Brits free their own from Basra Jail. It just keeps getting better. That's sarcasm for our right-wing friends.

I�m leavin� on a jet plane/Don�t know when I�ll be back again/Oh New Orleans, I hate to go




normally I'm not a grammar ogre but,

Brits free there own from Basra Jail.

should be,

Brits free their own from Basra Jail.

That video, endgame, was awesome. That thing where the british were doing false flag operations to help spur on the civil war was fucked up.

-Captain Obvious

Although I was an early adopter of Pastafarianism, I'm thinking it's already time for a schism. Over and over again I'm hearing evidence that this is just another male-dominated religion which views women as a decorative afterthought. I think it's time to nail some reforms to the church door.

And it's "midget", not "midgit".


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