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Americans Don't Sleep in Tents

Americans don't sleep in tents, no they die in attics.

Imus in the Morning streaming audio here.

Tim Russert: We do know the following, that as this hurricane began to bear down on New Orleans that people understood that there was a very high probability it was going to be a three, four or five category storm and it was going to hit and hit hard. And so an evacuation began then come the unanswered questions why weren't troops prepositioned why weren't supplies prepositioned, in a way, in a capacity, that could deal with hundreds of thousands evacuees. I think there-- the one thing the government is supposed to do the reason we have a government is to protect its people. And the local, state, and federal government has failed miserably in protecting its people. No one can question that. Now we have find out exactly who did not fulfill their responsibility. The perception is that after September 11th we created a department of Homeland Security because we we're told its not a matter of if but when there would be another terrorist attack, and this time we would be better prepared. There would be command and control, there would be communications, and there would be preparations. Guess what, no command and control, no communications, no preparations. The state, locals, federals couldn't talk to each other nobody was in charge and we've talked to the head of the Hurricane Center at Louisiana State University who one year ago Don did a simulated computer model, table top exercise called Hurricane Pam in which they predicted this almost to the letter and he called FEMA and said, on Saturday or Sunday, you have to have tent cities set up outside of New Orleans outside the state. You're going to have hundreds of thousands evacuees you have to be able to absorb them or they're going to die in the streets and FEMA said to them Americans don't sleep in tents. That is what went wrong and that's what we have to find out who is accountable. This notion that we're all too busy now to look forward if we can't look back we can do both because to ignore what happened in New orleans is to guarantee it will happen again.

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Tim Russert says it like it is, and in a calm and articulate way. If he was trying to say that to a GOP blowhard they would interrupt him and not let him make his point. The GOP can't stand to hear anyone say they are wrong, and other peoples' opinions are like kryptonite to them.

Thanks for posting the clip. I'm not an Imus fan but anything with Tim needs to be heard.


I clicked the icon and it loaded, but it won't play... anyone have that problem?

I thought Tim Russert spoke very eloquently.

I'd like to see heads roll for the lack of response in the first few days of this disaster.

There is going to be an inquiry just like the 911 inquiry.  We should of learned from the 911 inquiry, but we didn't. Politicians of all colours, local,state and federal will circle the wagons and protect themselves and spin this around........ (this is only my view,i hope i'm wrong).

We will learn and respond better to disasters like this when politicians and/or directors of Fema and homeland security, stand up to admit some responsibility for this disaster. Until then we will be repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

it makes me so angry when i hear people saying 'now is the time to unite, not play politics' as a response to the utter failure of government: local, state and federal, to protect its citizens in this partially-preventable catastrophe.

this shoulder-shrug reaction will kill us again when the big earthquake hits san francisco. if we cannot learn, we will die. if we refuse to learn, we deserve to.

It is finally nice to see Timmy asking tough questions (and follow-up questions). I hope the press has learned that they are more important now more than ever as long as they tell truth to power. Our leaders surround themselves with yes men and the press should take pride in asking tough question and getting straight answers. They have been rolling over for far too many years.

Too late to redeem yourself, Timmy, you fat fucking whore.

You have enabled these murderous bastards for five years. You are part of the problem.

Maybe we need a disaster czar?

No, Timmy. What we need is to string King George up by his fucking neck.

Oooooh it burns me up. I'm with kali yuga. Why did it take the sight of a bowl of human soup for Timmeh to see the man behind the curtain and start asking questions?

I'll bet dollars to a box of Timmeh's doughnuts that it's back to business as usual before the month's out.

Americans don't sleep in tents. And Charlie don't surf. Captain Kilgore lives.

I agree

fuck russert for carrying this admin's and this congress' water all this time

through his silence and refusal to ask any tough questions (and his concomitant shilling of rovian propoganda) he helped legitamize these crooks for years.

I'm sorry, I didn't hear that Imus show. Are you all sure that this is t h e Tim Russert, Meet the Press and all? Or is there another "enabling" Tim Russert?

Excuse my ignorance. I just don't think that's the same voice..

I join the chorus of posters who wonder if this is the same Tim Russert we have all grown to know and revile. Now he is saying that it is our duty to ask the "tough questions", because that's "why we're here".

I do hope the press has awakened from their slumber. Bill Maher told Anderson Cooper that it looked like we got our press back. It was disheartening to hear Anderson deny that the press was ever missing. Many people have noted the waking of the media and hailing reporters for the rediscovery of the essence of their profession. I hope they take the compliments to heart.

Okay, sorry, I just didn't know, but I've checked the program now: It i s the same Tim Russert.

This is schizophrenic. And you still have to ask: Who is this guy on Meet the Press? Imagine if he was this frank on TV? Why does he go to Imus to vent - but let's Haley Barbour utter plattitudes after Aaron Broussard just broke down? So he knew. Doesn't make his performance any better, on the contrary...

The press is a fairweather friend. It's cool to beat up on the president and this event will be marked in History. everyone is competing for that one sound byte they will play when this is reviewed in historical documentaries, news clips etc etc.

I think the administration has been appalling long before this. It's just the American public had nothing to wake them up to the fact until now. The press knows that and they're capitalizing.

Oh how easy it is for fat timmy to get on the band wagon now. Where was he all of this time? As long as this bozo is in the white house we are in for a long haul. Bush will blame the poor for this or the mayor or anybody but himself. He doesn't have the balls to admit that he is failing as president.


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