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Letter to the Editor

It was not long after the 60 Minutes segment on abstinence aired that I read this letter to the editor in my local paper the Salt Lake Tribune. I couldn't resist, I simply had to respond.

Abstinence is not faith

Salt Lake Tribune

Why is it no surprise at all that the ACLU has filed a lawsuit over skits called the Silver Ring Thing, which promote premarital abstinence among teens?
The lawsuit, filed in federal court in Boston, alleges that the Silver Ring Thing, an offshoot from Guest Evangelistic Team, crosses the line by using federal money to encourage young people to commit themselves to Jesus Christ.
Promoting abstinence is not promoting a religion, but is only encouraging good habits, decency and righteousness that help to lead to happiness for a better life. When are the ACLU followers going to admit the Constitution, not the Supreme Court, is the supreme law of the land, and that the ACLU and others have reinterpreted and ignored the true words and meaning of the First Amendment to fit their own worldly desires and to destroy our religious freedom?
For years, the U.S. Supreme Court has been taking this country down the road to destruction where they have no jurisdiction. Only Congress has authority to make laws, not the courts, not the ACLU. More important, even "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof."
We can't help wondering, when Jesus Christ comes again in His Glory, what will the ACLU say then? Will they hide or file a lawsuit?

Rodney and Norma Sorensen

Field the whole team

Salt Lake Tribune

It is true that promoting abstinence only is not promoting religion, but had Rodney and Norma Sorensen (Forum, May 29) watched the �60 Minutes� ( /2005/05/20/60minutes/main 696975.shtml) segment on the subject they'd know that the Silver Ring Thing does promote religion. It passes out Bibles and tells the participants that they don't think they can succeed without belief in and prayer to God, and it uses our tax dollars to do it.
The fact is the program does support establishment of religion. That is why the ACLU is suing, and it's right. It is also clear that promoting abstinence only is shortsighted. It is like a baseball team that is so confident in its pitcher (abstinence) that it doesn't field the rest of the team, certainly a recipe for disaster.
The �60 Minutes� program pointed out that the abstinence-only program fails 88 percent of the time. That's not good enough and, as in baseball, we need to adopt a team approach if we hope to succeed in solving the problem of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies.
A team approach means encouraging abstinence, but backing it up with realistic sex education, including instruction on the use of condoms.

Norm Jenson



Rodney and Norma,

OK folks, here's a little tip for you. When you write a letter criticizing the ACLU's efforts to stop our government from sponsoring a program which has an overtly religious MIGHT NOT want to sign it with... "We can't help wondering, when Jesus Christ comes again in His Glory..."

Ugh. These people just don't get it.

-MS Card-carrying ACLU member since before I could vote!

Ah, the SLC Tribune. Always good for a laugh.

"That's not good enough and, as in baseball, we need to adopt a team approach if we hope to succeed in solving the problem of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies."

Ah yes, but see people like the Sorensons don't actually want to stop the spread of STDs and unwanted pregnancies -- all they care about is preventing premarital sex, which apparently is worse than all ten Commandments combined (funny, the issue of premarital sex doesn't come up in the Commandments). :)

Besides, abstinence from sex is not 'good habits' by definition, any more than practicing sex is. But sadly, it's the classic easy (and silly) way out: Stop STD and teen pregnancies by promoting abstinence, stop people from stealing food to survive by giving them long prison sentences, stop killings of unarmed people by giving everyone a gun - fight the effects with all you have to avoid ever having to look at the causes... Love, Trixie "No need to fear the wind if you wear nice panties"

The two most dangerous pieces of propaganda that the right wing radicals have been successfully using are evident here:

  1. The media has a liberal bias - which most of the right wing organizations will no longer debate organizations like Fair because they can statistically prove it is untrue.


  1. The Supreme court is full of left wing activist judges - also a complete myth because most of them are conservatives and Republican appointees.

The administration fosters this because it wants to do payback for the evangelical base and the courts have stopped them from many abuses of power such as the rulings regarding torture and unlawful detentions.

The real target of both groups is the destruction of the Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and their checks and balances. The Patriot act in its new and improved form does that by shredding the Fourth amendment rights of unlawful search and seizure and requirements for judicial oversight and the establishment of "just cause" for such actions on the part of law enforcement.

So the implications of this go much further than simple the "separation of church and state."

Amazing how the fundamentalists fall into lock-step with their leaders. Now the courts are the enemy. Yet, when they rant the usual discourse on "founding fathers" and the country being established on "Christian principles", they forget that the founding fathers fled state-sponsored religion in England, specifically and with great design empowered the courts, wrote the establishment clause, and very intentionally left Jesus Christ out of the Constitution. No one is suggesting that Barbie and Ken Sorenson not worship their silly myths, but not with my tax payments.

Ah, ah, ah, Norm! The delightful, avuncular Sorenson clan did have one valid point. If, errr, when, Jesus DOES come back, we're all gonna be sorry. I really hope if the pipe-dream pulls through that he's black too. It would be a treat if geographically the dark horse pulls through. Because I can just sense how much the Sorensons in particular would enjoy it.


You may be confusing the Salt Lake Tribune with the Deseret News.

Oh�wait�maybe not. You probably know the history behind the new owners of the Trib and their cozy relationship with The Church.

I�m just hoping a few high-schoolers in Utah will read Norm�s letter and ask: �What is a condom?�

bjmf... you raise a good point... what if Jesus comes back as a black, lesbian woman, liberal! Geeze the Dobson would conver to Satanism!

Nice one, Norm! I love the baseball metaphor. It comes replete with allusions to "scoring," "past balls," and, of course, "getting to first base." ;-)


That was total Ownage!



"For years, the U.S. Supreme Court has been taking this country down the road to destruction where they have no jurisdiction"... they really should have finished this sentence with "that serves God's will"...

I'm a bi (so, obviously, liberal) Christian in the south. If I'm around when Jesus comes back, I'll be glad. Personally, I think the people who claim to speak for God but promote their own agendas will not be so pleased, however.'s hard to visualize Jesus would ever carry a sign: "GOD HATES FAGS"


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