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When the President Talks to God

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"When the President Talks to God"

When the president talks to God
Are the conversations brief or long?
Does he ask to rape our women's' rights
And send poor farm kids off to die?
Does God suggest an oil hike
When the president talks to God?

When the president talks to God
Are the consonants all hard or soft?
Is he resolute all down the line?
Is every issue black or white?
Does what God say ever change his mind
When the president talks to God?

When the president talks to God
Does he fake that drawl or merely nod?
Agree which convicts should be killed?
Where prisons should be built and filled?
Which voter fraud must be concealed
When the president talks to God?

When the president talks to God
I wonder which one plays the better cop
We should find some jobs. the ghetto's broke
No, they're lazy, George, I say we don't
Just give 'em more liquor stores and dirty coke
That's what God recommends

When the president talks to God
Do they drink near beer and go play golf
While they pick which countries to invade
Which Muslim souls still can be saved?
I guess god just calls a spade a spade
When the president talks to God

When the president talks to God
Does he ever think that maybe he's not?
That that voice is just inside his head
When he kneels next to the presidential bed
Does he ever smell his own bullshit
When the president talks to God?

I doubt it

I doubt it



I cannot farking believe Leno had this guy perform this song... That was very cool to see on that right-wing stage.

Maybe there is hope for that moron, always been a Letterman fan myself


Wow, what a powerful performance. Jay Leno (who I have to defend here - he is not a Bush fan) sounded mighty flustered at the end of the show. He's probably worried about the death threats he and his family will be getting now.

Was that song really broadcast on the show to all time zones? I just can't believe the NBC execs would allow such a performance to reach the red states in middle America.

Text appeared on the screen at the end of the clip reading "Lost Clip Furnished by Touchstone Television." Does anyone know if that means something?

just read that a military judge just REJECTED Lyndie England's guilty plea in the ABU Ghraib because she didn't know what she was doing was wrong.
At what point do you realize you are doing something wrong? I think the black hood and electrodes might have been a hint...

If you look closly Leno is on the right of right and wrong and Letterman is on the right of right and left.

Uh, 'Lost' clip just means they showed a clip of the TV show 'Lost' that night.

So, Jimmy, if I understand you correctly, that means his song was not broadcast.

Awesome post Norm! Is there any chance you could post another copy with better quality audio? It's such a good song and I'd love to hear it more clearly.

I'd just download it from iTunes, but the freebie isn't available from the sucky Canadian version of the iTunes music store.

cheers, Ray

I really liked how women's rights were the first thing he sang about. Because when fascist regimes take over it's always the women's rights that get bargained away first. That was really powerful. I'm sure he made a lot of people nervous.


Its just a credit for the company that provided a clip from the ABC show "Lost", since a cast member was on the show the same night. Usually when someone appears on a late night talk show, or any show for that matter, they are trying to promote their latest project, and then they want to show a clip from it. That clip was shown, then credited.

Wonders how much longer he should try to explain it

Nah screw it


wow. great clip, what a surprise to see it on mainstream media. I hope this gets more attention.

I kept imagining I could hear Johnny Cash singing this. I want to hear more.

It will be interesting to see who will condemn it first, and what action they propose.

How did Leno phrase his intro?


It sounds like Leno introduced the song as 'his greatly acclaimed "Broadcast Star"'

.... seems like Bright Eyes pulled the ole switcheroo.

Ray send me an email


I watched the clip again to listen to Leno's introduction. He says Protest Song not Broadcast Star so he knew what was coming. Kudos to Leno for having Bright Eyes on as a guest and for allowing him to sing such a powerful song. Leno's a powerful man at NBC, but I'm guessing he had to fight a few higher-ups before he got his way. Might not be a bad idea to email NBC at with a few words of support.

Watch this performance get nailed by a new "decency" law from the FAA. Trust me, they will go nuts over this one!

Remember this? -

These people could pull the same thing.


nightowl - you are totally right! i must be getting senile.


Now THAT'S a fuckin protest song!!!


When the President talks to God Why doesn't God SCREAM down SHUT UP ASSHOLE!!??


Nightowl, good idea. I'm gonna email them right now, cuz lord knows the freepers will.

The sad part about all of this is everyone's surprise that this was allowed to be broadcast.

Isn't that the way it SHOULD be?

great post.

prepare for high site traffic. many will link to it.


Well I among others was suprise when I saw this, can't believe that it actually was allowed to air. Yes, I too think it is sad that it has come to this. I decide to go to The tonight show forum and see what was being said. Unbelievable what some of these people are saying

"this country has enough enemies abroad we dont need them here too second guessing and accusing the most honest politician since reagan."

What world do these people live in? I definately liked that protest song!

Sorry for being thick. I didn't realize Lost is the name of a TV show. I thought it referred to the clip in question, and that "lost" meant it wasn't aired.

I haven't lived in the U.S. for 8 years now, so my TV culture (oxymoron?) acumen is sometimes limited.

What are those final lyrics? "Lil' mish-mish"?

As for the person that mentioned Johnny Cash, the same thought went thru my head. I literally said to myself "This could be the Johnny Cash of this age". Very powerful

He says "Fil mish mish" at the end. It's Arabic. It literally translates to "When apricot season comes" but means "I doubt it" or "When pigs fly" or something like that...

Oh God. Please do not call Conor Oberst the Johnny Cash of this age. Or the Bob Dylan either. This song is good, but the rest of his stuff SUCKS ASS. It is horrible, whiney, self-indulgent craptastic dogpoo. In short, it's bad. Very very bad.

'Oh God. Please do not call Conor Oberst the Johnny Cash of this age. Or the Bob Dylan either. This song is good, but the rest of his stuff SUCKS ASS. It is horrible, whiney, self-indulgent craptastic dogpoo.'

Maybe, but isn't that exactly what they said about Dylan?


How about the Leonard Nemoy of his age?

mother is woman man is father

please listen to gods rules

Wow guys, I mean, I love the lyrics, I love the sentiment...these words should be skywritten in fifty-foot letters over every NASCAR wank-session and revival tent picnic from sea to shining sea. But seriously...the performance sucks. This is where the aforementioned "whiney craptastic dogpoo" comes in.

For God's sake, "Bright Eyes", form a chord or a coherent rhythm or something. You sound like an asshole, and that swallows the truth and relevance of your words.


I don't mean to argue but I have to say I disagree with Trace. I liked the performance because I believed he felt it, he seemed as pissed off as possible, it was someone out there stating what we're all feeling in a pretty clever manner/in a way that sticks with you and makes it easy to sum up and play back. The discordant chord hit in every verse was disturbing but I assumed that was the intention and tied in with the lyrics and the song's message (or he did it once so he continued it every time so it SEEMED purposeful.)

I wish all musicians would do a protest song that was as powerful and immediate as this one was -- in whatever style they write and perform - more melodically, with a different rhythm - whatever. And, I don't care if he's an asshole - how could that swallow the truth and relevance. Some of the smartest most talented people out there are arrogant @ssholes (I think that even came up in another post on this site...) and that doesn't take away from the message - it also doesn't mean I want to hang out with them. I don't know - it's like I didn't care if Clinton was having extramarital sex as my President - I would care if I was married to him.....I don't care if Bush is really a fun guy to hang out with....maybe they're right and having a drink with him would be a whole lot of fun but I sure don't want him running my country (or any country for that matter) am I getting too far off-topic here? You catch the drift...

I've got to say that song is one of the worst songs i've ever heard, musically speaking. Keep your politics to yourself, no one wants to hear a whiny liberal railing because his guy lost the election. I mean come on, raping our women's rights, you've got to be kiding me.


Something like his performance should not be put on television. If he wants to make a stand with his views, then do it in public at a concert where people actually come to pay for it. The fact that it was broadcast nationally will only cause more frustration for both sides of the political spectrum. Not only does he shame the Presidency, but he shames religion in the process.


Based on the applause that followed, sounds like the audience enjoyed it. Gotta laugh at the whiny Republicans who come on here and cry because their War Preznit got embarrassed on national TV. God, they're pathetic.

As for the quality of the music, I'd say it wasn't that great. But most live music on late night tv sucks ass, and at least this guy did something of value, which was to get the panties of the Bush Nazis all up in a wad . . .


"Something like his performance should not be put on television. If he wants to make a stand with his views, then do it in public at a concert where people actually come to pay for it."

Tell you what-- when I can sit down and watch a goddamn football game without having Toby Keith and "Support the Dupes" shoved into my face, then I might start to consider your argument.

"Something like his performance should not be put on television" Right, we should never allow anything on TV that offends our personal sensibilities. We should only allow speech we agree with, and never something that will offend anyone. There is nothing wrong with shaming the president and religion, they have no more right to a free pass than any American citizen in fact one could argue they should be held to even higher standards, since their actions impact all of us directly. Were we to follow the Doctor's prescription and never broadcast anything that causes frustration for one side or the other there would be little left.

Uh... shows like the tonight show ARE where people come to pay for it. They asked him on, right? He sang. Bright Eyes' only other good song (yes, most of his stuff is whiny, self-indulgent rants that sound like teen-angst) is about snow, cold weather, and living through winter. Excellent if you're from the midwest and know what he's talking about. However: people called Bob Dylan (a) arrogant, (b) whiny and self-indulgent, (c) a crappy singer, (d) a crappy songwriter. so there you go...

As a long time bright eyes fan, this is just what I am used to from Conor. Not promoting his single or the song that has a video out. Instead choosing to perform a song that is only offered for free. Using his position (which he got to all by himself) to say something of importance and not something boring like "baby baby bay". Other songs of his that you may like. "Make War", "Don't Know When But A Day Is Gonna Come", "Sunrise, Sunset", "Landlocked Blues"... all very excellently written with powerful lyrics, some people don't like his voice, understandable.

Funnily enough, the biggest surprise is that this was aired, its not suprising at all that Conor would play this song. Thankfully one artist in a fairly bright public spotlight is saying something of importance and not passively going along with the currents of mainstream pop music/culture/media.


anon (of course) says: "Keep your politics to yourself, no one wants to hear a whiny liberal railing because his guy lost the election."

Hey anon, how would you like it if every AM radio host insulted your politics and offended your senseabilities? Or every time wou watched FOX, or MSNBC, or CNN you had to listen to political rants that angered and upset you? So please, STFU. And if you have to comment, can you at least come up with something original. The "whiny liberal" "his guy lost the election" stuff is getting really old.

Well first off i'd say dont listen to AM radio or watch Fox and the others if your offended by it. Look i'm bombarded by left wing bias throughout the mainstream media(NYT, LAT, NBC, CBS) and all you get is how bad the president is: tax cuts for the rich, killing social security, and the list can go on. So could you at least come up with something a little more original when your faced with the truth, other than STFU. I thought liberals were all about free speech, of course except when it doesnt jive with their beliefs.


Are you done whining, anon. Poor poor crybaby wingers.


man, er and womun . . . we could protest song badly 24 / 7 and it still wouldnt drown out the billionaires club.

Good for Leno for putting this on. It's time for a little equal time. Does anything make you want to hoark more than that jingoistic drivel from the likes of Toby Keith and Lee Greenwood?

Awesome - I do believe that this guy sucks as much as Dylan - the song isn't about the music as much as what it has to say.

Left wing bias - what a joke - have you ever read the NYT? They are the ones who have championed this Iraq war,and now social security (reform - more like the corporate raiding of my retirement)

And, yes, it's sad that most people think this was amazing that it aired. That tells you exactly what kind of bias runs the media. A-hole.


Two things: the "song" from a musical standpoint really was crap. I mean strum a chord a few times. Speak some poetry. Strum again. Yeah. Dylan should be worried. Right.

But second, a whole heap of props need to be doled out to Conor and NBC for being willing to put such an incinderary song on the air. "I guess god calls a spade a spade" OUCH. Thumbs up.

To the people that are crying about this being broadcast and people should not have to listen to the protest on national TV. What about the whole election celebration ? isnt that the same thing. If Dictator Bush can post his celebration on national TV then we can sure as hell protest him on national TV.

I think I'm in love with Conner

Great words, suprised NBC let it out. What a shame it is a suprise! Somebody said it shouldn't be on the air because the other TV stations are so liberal, then goes on that if you don't like FOX or AM radio don't listen to it. THIS LOGIC IS THE PROBLEM!!! D's seem to leave room for dissenting opinion but R's seem to have only enough room for one point of view and if you don't agree - you need to change, not them.


this guy is an idiot, not even becuase he has those views, but the way he goes about them. Trying to protect muslims by making fun of a christan, good job. that's the problem with you left wing crazies, you pretend to feel worldy cultured and compassionate for all humans, yet if anyone disagrees with you, they are assholes, get a grip and learn to speak for your beliefs by doing more than bringing down your opponents with harsh comments and shrewd remarks. To be truly liberal, you should respect other individuals, not mock them.

SEE!!! I knew someone would prove my point again shortly and looks like it just was....

"this guy is an idiot . . . you left wing crazies . . . you should respect other individuals, not mock them."

Presumably, that last dictum doesn't apply to non-liberals.

Loved the lyrics (song, and performance sucked)...But yeah, as a political moderate who hates whiney liberals as well as mongering conservatives I do have to agree with the anon post of liberal views being crammed down every one's throats (right wingers don't depend on national broadcast the way liberals do, they do more of a "grass-roots" politico...mailing lists, etc.) The liberal movement has simply gotten too trendy for it to hold much water. Hollywood and the press (who a good majority are card caring Democrats) have simply turned it into the "in" thing. If I have to listen to one more high-schooler or college student gripe about the status of global politics (oh, yes, just to fill these people in, watching the Daily Show the night before doesn't qualify as "speaking knowledgably about a topic". Nor does skimming your local paper...its all biased, learn to read between the lines, idiots) I'm going to implode in a super nova of raging hate


"as a political moderate who hates whiney liberals"

For people who "hate" whiners, you wingers sure do a whole lot of whining.

That was the most after-the-fact, pointless 'song' I've ever heard in my life. Brighteyes is a no talent ass clown who is bashing Bush only because he thinks it is the fashionable thing to do. Please, Norm...don't mistake anything that piece of crap does as news anymore.

WOW everyone has a diffrent view. How American! Land of free speech. Censorship from right or left sucks.If we didn't have these two diffrent sides who would we argue with? Love the lyrics.

I think it's awesome that he chose to play this song, but I wish everyone on here would stop acting so "surprised"! No matter how much you hate Bush, free speech is still a basic American right. And yes, I know that censorship does take place, but views from both sides are constantly on TV. Uggh I am so sick of liberals complaining about Fox News/AM radio etc. and conservatives complaining about CBS/NYT etc. How about, instead of bitching about how bad your side has it, try and keep an open mind? I don't hate Bush like a lot of others do, but when I hear this song, I look at it, take into consideration why he's singing it, and I find that I do agree with some things, but not all. Instead of instantly getting angry when we hear something we don't like, we should really try to start seeing things from the other side. I don't mean change your views according to who's on television, but just try and see where the other side is coming from.

You know why all you wingnuts are so upset about the song? Cause deep down you know he's right. You've been suckered.

Rock on Conor.

This in my opinion, from an avid fan of both bright eyes and politics, conor oberst couldn't have done it more swiftly. babs is right, you know it's the truth. Remember that the next time you see Bush on tv. x

Of course, he must be bashing Bush because it's "fashionable." It couldn't POSSIBLY be because he's one of the 51% of Americans that vehemently disagree with all of his policies designed to widen the already ridiculous gap between rich and poor, send innocent people to death, and impose his religious dogma on the rest of the country. Grow up you fucking ignorant piece of shit.

The song was very cool...for a minute I thought I was living in the United States I grew up in! Proud former Marine who will guard forever the voice of dissent. It cleared up the nausia I've had ever since Wrangler Jeans used "Fortunate Son" to sell blue jeans.


I say, let the whiney liberals have their protest songs. They have so little else.

thank you so much for the permission to be a democracy. Besides, if you haven't noticed, liberalism has kind of been pretty rapidly conquering the world over the past few centuries. And somethings brewing in this country; that has probably not been more obvious since the late 50's.

Nothing hurts like the truth. Those who did not like Connor's viewpoint scrambled to put a negative spin on his performance. The name-calling isn't doing anything for us. We need to work together, and we have to start with the truth. What Conor Oberst and NBC did was brave and healthy.


Apparently, this performance is scheduled to be rerun tonight (5/9). It'll be interesting to see whether NBC censors it this time around.

VCR/DVR ALERT On most NBC stations there is a late-night rerun of 'Jay Leno', usually after 'Carson Daly'. They are reruns of last weeks shows. Last Monday night was when 'Bright Eyes' performed When The President Talks To God, so unless NBC is censoring, tonight's late-night rerun of 'Jay Leno' (the one after 'Carson Daly'), rates saving.

Earlier in the show Jay had mentioned to the audience that he saw the rehearsal and knew it would be one of those "love it or hate it" type of protest songs. And obviously based on the responses here, it was exactly that. I say good for Conor. Whether he was doing it to be "fashionable" or not, and I doubt he was, he expressed an opinion shared by many people who just don't have the public forum he does. If Toby Keith can advocate shoving a boot in the ass of everyone who doesn't think America's opinion is the only opinion that matters, Conor has every right to oppose needless violence that will most likely solve nothing in the long run and probably gain us even more enemies than allies. Whoever said the performance was "after the fact" must be forgetting that despite the fact that Bush offically declared the war over many months ago, innocent people of various nationalities are still being killed every day as the fighting lingers on and on. I honestly don't believe this war has done much of anything to prevent another 9-11 type attack, and if anything the hatred of our "leader" by so many other countries has probably made us even more of a target. It's just not right that people who never agreed with the war in the first place have to live with Bush's decisions and their repercussions. So to me the only "ignorant" people are those who live in a free country but fail to speak out when they don't agree with how it's being run. I applaud anyone who lets their opinion be known, even if they don't have much power to really change the situation. At least other nations will be more aware that not all Americans just blindly agree with whatever decisions Bush makes. He may be the offical representative of the US to the world, but he sure as hell doensn't represent me and my opinion. Thanks Conor, for having the courage to share yours.

Honesty is at least part of what America is about. In the U.S., we can speak our minds, sometimes regardless of who the sponsor is! And...I know this song shocked people, too many who are accustomed to information-control and not having their tolerance levels tested. That's bad news for all of us.

good song. but i'm shocked that so many people are making a big deal over it. i only took notice cos i'm a bright eyes fan(although i was impressed by conors political standpoint) i guess i qualify as a whiney liberal cos i'm used to songs/poetry ect like this...i'm in the pissed off youth scene. but as angsty and self indulgent as that may seem..i have a fucken right. i AM the youth and we're getting fucked up the ass by this government. we're gonna be the ones in the fallout. everyone make some noise. if we dont- we're gonna be condenmened to centuries of bush and his clones. and i'm not seeing that without a fight...

The right wingers who are ripping this song are AFRAID of this sort of thing because deep down they know this guy is pretty much RIGHT on the mark. I mean, REALLY. So, someone has dared to acknowledge the big elephant in the room. So, as they've learned from Rush and Hannity and the rest of the idiot AM radio attack dogs, they ridicule the messenger, attack his character, call him untalented...Ohhh, he's a liberal liberal LIBERAL...... YAWN. Can't you guys come up with anything better? No, you can't because you can't defend Bush, he's a lousy President, period. Not because he's a Republican, but because he stinks as a President, he's not good at it. Bad war, bad economy, bad policies. I've never heard of Bright Eyes before, but good for him for having the balls to sing it and good for NBC for showing it. Wow, maybe we're not a police state just yet....

I watched the show that night, and I would have preferred it if he played "Lua."

Yeah Mike!

How incredibly unfortunate that Jay allowed such a biased, irresponsible, and wreckless musical guest to grind his personal political ax on The Tonight Show.

I never would have dreamed that Jay would stoop to this level, but sadly he did !

John Dallas, Texas

"I've got to say that song is one of the worst songs i've ever heard, musically speaking. Keep your politics to yourself, no one wants to hear a whiny liberal railing because his guy lost the election. I mean come on, raping our women's rights, you've got to be kiding me."

+1 The liberal fantasy continues. LOL !!!!!

As a big Bright Eyes fan i sat to watch him on Leno monday (9/5). I am swedish and the Leno show is broadcasted with one weeks delay. I thought he would play a song from "Digital Ash..." But instead he plays this fantastic protest song! In the beginning of the show Leno talks about the protest song and mention Kris Kristofferson and some other person. As you might know, your leader Bush is not that popular in other countries, so what Conor did was really great! And just because you have a dirty leader, doesn�t mean i think you are a dirty pepole! Reading all the comments here makes me think you are great :)


God forbid a network be so "biased" and grind a political axe - How do you explain FOX and MSNBC?

Everyone has an agenda, just trust that those watching will use their good judgment. That is why we are the USA, we can speak and sing poorly freely.

I'm surprised that such a performance as this got aired on mainstream TV. This the first time I've ever heard of this guy.

Although his lyrics were interesting, I gotta say that the musical aspect of the song sucked and lacked any worthy amount of artistic creativity. The performance had no musical value. It was, as others have said, just a rant.

The show was aired in Sweden last night. (we have the show about a week after it's aired over there).

When people like he gets time on the air in USA there is something in my heart that make me feel that maby your country can be saved. Just have to keep me updated and see what comes from the right wing to fight him back. Gutanamo maby has a spot open.


That Bright Eyes kid sang the best protest song on Leno last night that I have heard since the 60's. America should be proud we are still breeding patriots. I'm 53 and have already been in the store trying to buy it. Go kid go!

I just saw this last night. What an awesome song. It totally blew me away. After each verse he sang, I said "oh my god" out loud because I couldn't believe that he had just said what he had just said. We just don't hear this kind of stuff on TV normally. And on Jay Leno, to boot. :)

The music was simple, as it should be in a song like this, and the words were very powerful.

And ya' gotta love the title: "When the President Talks to God."

Right On!!!


I too was shocked that this was on Leno. It was a pleasant shocking. I thought i was back in the 60's again. I never heard of the guy before but I am so impressed with these lyrics and ideas being on network TV. I really thought that Carl Rove had killed those days.

"America has enough enemies abroad" - uh, maybe the person who posted that hasn't noticed, but George Bush isn't America. Let me add that opposing George Bush isn't un-American either. In fact, it's about the most patriotic and American thing anyone could do right now.

We shall prevail!!!!!

"The Doctor" wrote : "The fact that it was broadcast nationally will only cause more frustration for both sides of the political spectrum. Not only does he shame the Presidency, but he shames religion in the process."

Correction: President Bush has shamed the presidency and religion, without any help from this kid.

Also, in another message above someone criticizes him for criticizing a Christian to defend Muslims ... (I'm Jewish, so technically the "muslim agenda" if there is such a thing, is pretty scarry to me since most fundamental Muslims make no secret of wanting to do away with the Jews, and well... American "infidels" too) ... however it is utterly ridiculous to say that this kid should not criticize a Christian because it's hypocritical to criticize one religion to defend another. NEWS FLASH: Bush doesn't own the Christian religion or Jesus Christ; criticism of Bush is not the same thing as criticism of the religion, come on, even you right-wingers must know that.

Post on cites like this while you still can, by the time the reprocussions of the Patriot Act are carried to term, we're going to be getting visits from our friendly neighborhood government officials taking us on little government sponsored "vacations" for posting these kinds of messages. Since the government doesn't need to give any compelling reason (not to any court the existence of which is known to us mere mortals anyway)to get a search warrant for your computer, files, and a number of other documents and then doesn't have to tell you what you are charged with or provide you with a lawyer or phone call to let your family know where you are, it's all gonna work out beautifully. Hmm, this reminds me of something ... Communist Russia under the vicious, paranoid dictator Josef Stalin. He equated speaking out against him with treason too.

State/Corporate run TV in the U.S.

I live in this country since 20 years. I love it and I still do. America is not Bush's personal playground. He like to think so, he acts so, and people thinks he's so powerful he can actually do so! WRONG! it's our country, a beautiful free country let's don't give in the believe they are so much powerful then us citizens. revolution is made by the people not from tyrants. keep believing

alright...first i have to say....for all of you people arguing about how it was such a bad performance and song, that wasnt the purpose of this performance. Oberst has other singles that would've been performed if he intended to make it a song performance, it was obviously made to be intended just to get his point across.

now for the pro-bush southern NASCAR-loving white trash that's clogging up this site...give me one good thing bush has accomplished COMPLETELY so far in his terms. Don't say Iraq, i see articles about car bombs going off daily there...problem solved? i dont think so. Did Bush ever find his little weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? nope. Was there any potential threat from Iraq pertaining to 9/11-esque attacks and/or other means of attacking? no. so now tell me.....what has bush done for us as a country that has helped our people? Zip.

and by the way, i wasnt pro-kerry back in november, i just dont see how you rednecks can support a man who has done jack for our country as a whole, or anything productive for the government internationally, unless you consider turning almost every country's people around the world against us?

I'm an american living in sweden and i've said it before and i'll say it again, i'm dreading my forthcoming return home! I hope i can find some way to leave the states whose problems seem to get worse and worse with each passing month.

I totally agree: What an awesome song. It totally blew me away. After each verse he sang, I said "oh my god" out loud because I couldn't believe that he had just said what he had just said. We just don't hear this kind of stuff on TV normally. And on Jay Leno, to boot. :)

The music was simple, as it should be in a song like this, and the words were very powerful.

And ya' gotta love the title: "When the President Talks to God."

Right On!!!

It's nice to see a song like this on mainstream TV, instead of some pop song dumbing the rest of America down so they don't question what the president, or media for that matter, is doing. God, I love Canada and I think I'm moving there so I don't have to deal with the republican Mid-West! I suggest that everyone goes to College and really question your views and start thinking for yourself, and not how you were raised or what your parents beliefs are.

I'm not sure if it's possible, but is there a downloadable clip of this show anywhere that doesn't involve quicktime?

I could certainly create one, but why would you want one?

THANK YOU,Semper Fi (May 8,2005 11:42 am). I am the daughter of a Marine (WWII). My father would be very proud (as am I!) that you "will guard forever the voice of dissent". I am just as sure that he would be joining in on this forum in support of Bright Eyes. I didn't get to hear the song until the rebroadcast on the 9th. I was very impressed that it apparently played just as it had the first time. Maybe the real America is still here, somewhere.

Just as a note this song was written at least months (if not even longer) before the actual election last year and has been around for quite a while with Oberst singing it at various shows. As I see it he saw the chance to sing it nationally and took it, props to him for doing what he wanted with his slot on the tonight show instead of promoting his new albums for his own profit.

As was said earlier, Conor, in true Conor fashion, took this opportunity not to toot his own agenda's horn by playing one of his singles from one of his two recently released albums, but instead took hold of the reigns given him to blow the horn on the president's agenda while he had the rare chance to do so in front of such a vast audience. I wanted to note that many of you people have not heard of conor because he refuses to have any part of being played on radio stations or playing at venues owned by or affiliated with clear channel communications, (a company that the bush family has had a significant monetary hold on for years). In fact, there are states Bright Eyes just won't even tour. Despite his adamant refusal to sell out, he had two songs taking the number one and number two spots of the billboard 100 in january. All this said, as upset as I am with the state of this country at this time, I will not give up hope as long as the voice of the 51% of us against this regime is still allowed to sing (however out of key we may sound).
I will be seeing conor in D.C. and I can barely wait to hear him poetically sing about what I have been powerlessly distressed over for so long, since the beginning of this god-forsaken war. There is nowhere else I would rather hear his rant than in the president's hometown. Thank God Leno let him on. He will be on Conan on the 24th for any of you interested in rooting him on or thumbing your noses from your couch, whatever your preference may be.

I remember the sixties when people proteted though their music,now I see hope some one has the guts to say enough is enough

Half of America thinks thinks like this, but we have no voice because the media is owned by the neoconservatives-- e.g., "fair and balanced"...... I can only hope that our collective voice is beginning to be heard-- this gives me some hope. Great song.

Good stuff regardless of whether your a blue or red. It helps us to mobilize our thoughts and gets us motivated to express our opinions.

When the president talks to God he takes religion to a new level;

God loves you, and I love you. And you can count on both of us as a powerful message that people who wonder about their future can hear."�Los Angeles, Calif., March 3, 2004

I'm also mindful that man should never try to put words in God's mouth. I mean, we should never ascribe natural disasters or anything else, to God. We are in no way, shape, or form should a human being, play God."�Appearing on ABC's 20/20, Washington D.C., Jan. 14, 2005

More Muslims have died at the hands of killers than�I say more Muslims�a lot of Muslims have died�I don't know the exact count�at Istanbul. Look at these different places around the world where there's been tremendous death and destruction because killers kill."�Washington, D.C., Jan. 29, 2004

"Whether they be Christian, Jew, or Muslim, or Hindu, people have heard the universal call to love a neighbor just like they'd like to be called themselves."�Washington, Oct. 8, 2003

I don't bring God into my life to�to, you know, kind of be a political person."�Interview with Tom Brokaw aboard Air Force One, April 24, 2003

Our priorities is our faith."�Greensboro, N.C., Oct. 10, 2000

As my 5-year old observed recently: "I don't think God is that religious." As for me, my "priorities is" keeping the "republicans" (they shame the party--see below) on their heels. That or letting them fall on their faces.

"Should any political party attempt to abolish social security, unemployment insurance, and eliminate labor laws and farm programs, you would not hear of that party again in our political history. There is a tiny splinter group, of course, that believes you can do these things. Among them are [a] few other Texas oil millionaires, and an occasional politician or business man from other areas. Their number is negligible and they are stupid." - President Dwight D. Eisenhower, 11/8/54

reading these posts, with everyone in shock over a VERY simple act of freedom, reminds me of george orwell. are we as liberated as everyone thinks we are? maybe we're more duped by the media than we give ourselves credit for. i used to have a lot of respect for conor oberst but now he's being a jackass and playing us (red and blue) like a harp. that's my opinion. i'm not shocked that he performed an anti-bush song. just watch cable every now and then...there's free-speech EVERYWHERE. and yes, i know about the f.c.c. and jesus' effect on it and i also know how much bigger the bling is than jesus.


listening to what you're questioning. conor oberst is a very intelligent and influential voice and i feel grateful to have it around.

and i read a post saying that george bush was the most honest politician since reagan. well wake up, anyone in hte presedential seat had to do a lot of lying and shady acts to get there. that's POLITICS.

keep going bright eyes. it's your RIGHT. i just think most people have forgotten that.

The song clearly contains some truth...Bush has always struck me as smug and uninformed. However, the song is simplistic and filled with the same facile judgements the artist rails against. He also does what most do these days, blindly neglecting discrimination against males while rightly recognizing women and children. I'd love to hear what he thinks about his song when he moves from fiery uninformed puberty to seasoned wisdom. Isn't life a delicious process?

You talk about a collective voice but what voice is that??? I don't hear anything collective about this accept that people don't like Conor's voice and they don't like George Bush. With an attitude like "we'll talk anything else" politicians like Bush will always prevail because they have something to sell. The last charismatic democrat to accomplish anything of significance he got caught with his pants down. Although that's an agenda I can appreciate there's no hope without a goal. Whether you like or hate the Republican party at least they stand for something and I'll vote for something over anger and disappointment anyday.


"Whether you like or hate the Republican party at least they stand for something and I'll vote for something over anger and disappointment anyday."

There you have winger logic in a nutshell: Bush may be robbing the treasury blind, killing thousands of people in an illegal pre-emptive war, and gutting our civil liberties, but at least he's DOING SOMETHING, so I'll vote for him.

Comedian David Cross has summed up the Bush Republican creed best: "I'm a dumb motherfucker, and I vote."

It always seems to come down to name calling when it's just a difference in ideology. Yes there are lives attached to that ideology but that's the world we live in today (and I'd guess we've always lived even pre-Sept 11). Nobody gave a crap about national security before 9/11 but now that it's been thrown in our face we care. For those of us who don't want to sit around and wait for our foreign policy to offend somebody else or have an administration that sits idle while they get serviced by their interns it's important to be active. I love that we can pick on our politicians but it's discouraging when we settle for the "if it ain't broke don't fix it" mentality and that's what a lot of liberal democrats give off. If you want a real dialogue to begin the democratic party needs to bring something to the table a little stronger than "Bush Sucks" because that's going to strengthen all the revival tent, NASCAR, etc, voters out there. When liberals think they have the answers and don't offer any ends or means to those ends it's a losing battle, they will time and time again not only get into name calling but lose votes (and respect) by doing so. I am a proud Republican but I think our government is out of control right now and we need a steady flow of ideas from both sides. Read George Lakoff's "Don't Think of an Elephant", change your hate into a thought process of leveling the playing field through intelligent exchange.

I see. You want to have your right-wing talking heads (Limbaugh, Hannity, O'Reilly, Coulter, Scumborough, the Swift Boat Veterans, etc.) dominate publicly owned airwaves with their namecalling slime, yet when the tables get turned a bit you whine and bitch about civility. With all due respect, fuck you.

And quite frankly, after years of attempting to have a "real dialogue" with the intellectually dishonest right, I've lost interest. The only two responses you have for anything are "9-11" and "Bill Clinton," so crawl back in your hole and have an "intelligent exchange" with yourself as to which is going to take responsibility for George W. "Responsibility President" Bush's mounting disasters.


I see. You want to have your right-wing talking heads (Limbaugh, Hannity, O'Reilly, Coulter, Scumborough, the Swift Boat Veterans, etc.) dominate publicly owned airwaves with their namecalling slime, yet when the tables get turned a bit you whine and bitch about civility. With all due respect, fuck you.

And quite frankly, after years of attempting to have a "real dialogue" with the intellectually dishonest right, I've lost interest. The only two responses you have for anything are "9-11" and "Bill Clinton," so crawl back in your hole and have an "intelligent exchange" with yourself as to which is going to take responsibility for George W. "Responsibility President" Bush's mounting disasters.

The right-wing talking heads are the only ones doing the talking because they actually have something to say. The are exactly right in dumbing down the democratic agenda because there isn't one. Show me a democrat/liberal/slightly left anybody who has a coherent thought and I'll listen. The only reason I "whine about civility" is because you have nothing to offer but a lack of civility. Where are your ideas? I don't support Bush's privatization of social security but it needs reform whether you think so or not, so how do you propose we change that? At least we have a president willing to address that. When it comes to taxes, the rich get richer because they have more money to begin with and as I don't support a "steal from the rich give to the poor" tax system (and believe me I'm not even close to the rich side) I do support cuts. Let's face it, big money evade taxes and we need to focus more on fixing tax loopholes instead of taking all we can from that small percentage of our population and giving it away. We need something to stimulate this economy tax breaks at least inspire spending. The war is a touchy area it isn't worth watching American and Iraqi soldiers die but I supported the war from the beginning because I support a country that is proactive in its foreign policy and takes necessary precautions in dealing with volatile or threatening parts of the world. Again, being honest I don't think any of us had all the information but at the time I trusted the CIA, British Intelligence, as well as UN sources who all agreed on WMDs. Like I said, do I agree with everything Bush has done/is doing, absolutely not, but the John Kerrys, Howard Deans, Hilary Clintons, Dianne Feinsteins and Harry Reids have done nothing and will continue on that track if they don't start thinking and stop kicking and screaming. Taking chances and believing that what you're doing is right is the MOST American thing anyone can do. That is the basis for free speech, civil rights and every other freedom we all take for granted. We have a president doing that and I take responsibility as someone who voted for him for his "mounting disasters". The state of our nation and world requires people willing to step up and make choices not sit back and wait.


Not killing people who have not attacked us and do not pose a threat to us is an idea.

Behaving in a fiscally responsible way rather than robbing the treasury and dumping billions into illegal wars is an idea.

Respecting and protecting the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is an idea.

Keeping and properly managing programs that work (like Social Security) and actually help people rather than gutting them and selling them off to the highest bidder is an idea.

But then, apparently these ideas are not as exciting to you as watching Bush slash and burn everything in sight. Enjoy the carnage-- you're going to have to live in the shit that's left, along with the rest of us.

So, here is my peace to all of you Bush fans... as a youth of america...

Yes, maybe the "thing" these days is to be liberal. Or maybe we are actually beginning to form our own opinions; Maybe we don't want to just spit out what our parents say and think is right. But then again, we are just dumb adolescents, right? In my experience, my "republican" freinds, actually never even know what they are speaking of. They just spit out what Daddy says.

I may be young, but I am still very imformed as to how Bush is handling our country. And I must say, if you approve of him...then you are clearly not actually listening to this man. But then again, I hear ruining the enviroment is the thing to do! Go CO and NO! Yea, awesome!

And yes, if you know music. That is, actually know music...Bright Eyes is the modern day Bob Dylan. However, Dylan's music is more arranged. Lyrically, he is Dylan...musically, not so much.

And to you...anon, which ever one you might be, (notice how we can speak our dues but not our names...)what is this you speak of? "god's rights"?? Are you kidding me? I very much hope so. Put down your Bible. You know, 70% of the bible was made up by a bunch of catholic sticklers (and ofcourse they were men). Stop judging! Thats all you people do! If someone wants to be gay...Leave them the fuck alone, they aren't recruiting you!

So...Connor...Bravo. You really speak for all of us kids just fighting for a chance to be able to speak, instead of being pushed aside and forced to act as our parents did. God, I respect you so much for not falling to be someone your not. Thank you.

So, I've paid my dues. And to you Bush fans, I guess we will agree to disagree.

I think I will go watch FOX now.

Just kidding! Alright I am done.

Okay, who cares ne more. It's over and done with. Conor did his song, and he has a right to; free speech. And y is it so surprising that the station would broadcast Conor's performance, when they show all of the things the right wingers have to say. Geesh! So, people stop fretting, and get over your problems. The performance is done and over with. Let's just get on with our lives.

fuck any of you who say you hate the song because it wasnt the most musical of songs. listen to any of his other songs, conor could give less of a shit what you want. he makes music to express himself to the world. he didnt play a chart topping single because that wouldve been lame, youve all heard them before. he played something few people have heard and that he felt must be shared. he is an artist and what he did on the leno show was, pure and simple, art. so anyone who mocks him for not being a "crowd pleasing singer" and dissing bush should fuck themselves for saying such absolute bullshit without thinking for one moment that maybe it all makes sense in its own unique and poetic way. stop disgracing the rest of the US by saying you represent so many. you represent only your sad and lonely selves. you should be so lucky to have been allowed to witness it.

"But greed is a bottomless pit And our freedom�s a joke We�re just taking a piss And the whole world must watch the sad comic display"

Let's get something straight. As a musician, the song was NOT terrible. "Curt" is right, he doesn't give a shit about what is pleasent to here, rather expressing his own voice and personality - similar to um...DYLAN. The chord progression was unique and as perfectly dissonant as the lyrics... His voice fit the lyrics perfectly as well: pissed off, but speaking fluently...This can be recognized regardless of your stance on the lyrics.

There are alot of stupid liberals posting on here, and I'm what would be considered a liberal. Theres alot of stupid conservatives on here too. Everyone needs to get their facts straight and at least argue intelligently, and either side saying "so STFU you _ wing piece of shit asshole who doesn't know anything!" is probably not arguing intelligently.

To correct my spelling previously, I meant "hear", not "here". Also, it is a damn shame that college and high school kids with "liberal" opinions have all been classified as completely rebellious and always-trendy pot smoking hippe losers. While an overwhelming amount of them are, unfortunately, an overwhelming amount of them DO have something worthwhile to say. That goes for the young conservatives out there too... that's all for now.


Just brilliant phrasing on this song, light years beyond today and almost 40 years ago. You kids need to pay attention! God bless! JC

Here's a link to a high quality version of the performance.

if we don't want offensive stuff on tv then i'm all for cancelling the fox news network entirely.


Fox News brings the truth. Liberals can't stomach reality. Thank God we have freedom of speech and the articulate journalists at Fox to intelligently cut through the liberal propaganda, uncover the lies and tell us what is really going on. We need more courageous press like this to keep our media pure. I hate the agenda-driven noise on other networks that seeks to criticise everything we fight for as a nation.

With all due respect, Lt., calling he Fox Network "articulate journalists" is like calling Bush an intelectual. Both are real stretches.We need more of these networks like we need some more war. Speaking of cover ups, have you ever heard of Iran-Contra? There was a Bush involved in that too. The acorn falls close to the tree.


It all depends on your chosen bias.

One bias takes the hard road; achieving positive results, progress and freedom based on morality and justice. The other bias shuffles around on the sidelines, complaining and criticising everything, concocting conspiracy theories and dwelling on negativity and spin.

I know which side is about the future. Personally I recognise liberalism as a complete waste of time. It is fine as a personality trait, somewhat akin to laissez-faire - but by definition is utterly useless for government. Particularly given our global responsibilities.

America needs to be strong, direct and communicate a clear consistent message.

I'm still giggling at Lt Peters' comment about the US communicating a clear, consistent message.

In one of the previous posts, someone suggested that the song insults Christianity... I think they were referring to> "Just give 'em more liquor stores and dirty coke That's what God recommends"

But if you'd take a look at lyrics towards the end of the song, you'd realize that this song isn't even about religion. It's about the presidents lies and/or delusions>

"When the president talks to God Does he ever think that maybe he's not? That that voice is just inside his head"

you can also see a good version of the clip at just search for bright eyes and it will come up in the list.

i'm not even going to enter into the political debate on this because, clearly, it's pointless. i'm just glad bright eyes wrote this song, that he chose to perform it and that leno and nbc aired it.


Sue "i'm not even going to enter into the political debate on this because, clearly, it's pointless"

That woould make the perfect T-shirt; it says it all really.

Not exactly all, ...

About the �quality� of the song and Bright Eyes� performance of it ( and further ranting):

The song is an eight-bar blues progression. The basic arrangement dates back at least to the early 1920s, when music was first recorded. Bright Eyes� has chosen an old folk form from the Mississippi Delta to use as the vehicle to get his message across. Very simple so as not to interfere with the lyrics. The only kink is that he keeps whacking a blue note (flatted 3rd?) to add tension and effect. Very cool, and not unlike Leadbelly or (later) John Lee Hooker and yes, Dylan .

The quality of Bright Eye�s voice? Well, the song is a folk song, folk (meaning functional) art as opposed to fine (aesthetic) art. And since it�s Bright Eyes� song, his voice is by definition the best one to sing it. This ain�t opera.

40 years ago, American composer Charles Mingus once answered a critic of his voice in Down Beat magazine: � My efforts at blues singing were not meant to challenge such diverse masters as Joe Turner, Ray Charles or Big Bill Broonzy, and I don�t think their singing was meant as a challenge to each other or to me. Joe sang for Turner, Ray Charles sang for himself, just as did Big Bill. No one could sing my blues but me (if you must call it singing), just as no one could holler for you if I decided to punch you in the mouth!�

God, I love Mingus.

While I�m on here about Mingus, I�ll use his �Original Faubus Fables� (1960) as an example that folk music is always about its� time, and if the times require, it�s political. (Note: Orval E. Faubus was the governor of Arkansas in 1957 and against desegregation. He sent the National Guard to prevent black children from attending high school in Little Rock.)

Original Faubus Fables Charles Mingus

Oh Lord, don't let 'em shoot us! Oh Lord, don't let 'em stab us! Oh Lord, don't let 'em tar and feather us! Oh Lord, no more swastikas!

Oh Lord, no more Ku Klux Klan!

Name me someone who's ridiculous, Dannie. Governor Faubus! Why is he so sick and ridiculous? He won't permit integrated schools. Then he's a fool!

Boo! Nazi Fascist supremists! Boo! Ku Klux Klan (with your evil plan)

Name me a handful that's ridiculous, Dannie Richmond --(?)-- Faubus---(?)-- Rockefeller--(?)---Eisenhower Why are they so sick and ridiculous? Two, four, six, eight: They brainwash and teach you hate.


And that from one of America�s greatest composers. Although always found in the jazz section of the music store, Mingus always called his music �folk music.�

Bright Eyes is just following in a long fine tradition in American music. �When the President Talks to God� is as fine a folk song as has ever been written. Brilliant on all counts- music, lyrics, performance. Even distribution- you can't even buy it! If you want it, you have to take it for free. That must really have the wing nuts spinning.

AND anybody with a guitar can play it. (Although not what Bright Eyes does, it sounds great using open D tuning with an unmuted slide. I bang the slide on the strings for a more percussive sound.)

As for the fact he performed it on Leno, I too was (pleasantly) shocked. But let�s face it, how much good will it do? This kid gets three minutes of airtime at midnight. Not even a drop in the sea of commercial television or radio. And even that has some folks posting their RIGHTeous indignation.

And guess what, Bush is fixing it so we can be guaranteed our right to hear right-wing neo-con rants on PBS and NPR as well. Seems the Republicans (at least the neo-con wing) at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting want PBS and NPR to be fair and balanced like uh, � well, FOX.

Go here for that horror story:

-and- for the hatchet man�s own words, go here:

Dark days are coming, I fear.


The first time I heard Conor's voice it was because my emo lover daughter started listening to Bright Eyes. I was like, "what the HELL is that!!!" Wow! his voice sounded unbelievably horrible to me. Given time and absorbing his beautiful but often black lyrics, I now see him and Bright Eyes for what they are: poetry and true but hard emotions that just happen to be set to music. To the person who said they could picture Johnny Cash singing this song, well, my goosebumps have not gone since I read that 15 minutes ago. SO TRUE! To those who do not appreciate his voice and music, open your minds and listen more to Bright Eyes, you may see things differently. To you right wing republican Bush worshippers just remember if you want to have a right to speak your mind-you need to give the rest of us the same respect! IMO, Conor Oberst IS God!! :)

What's interesting to me as a European is that the term 'whiny liberal' is used for anyone who has a problem with Bush. I suppose this would make 99.9999% of Europeans 'whiny liberals', because we are ALL dumbfounded about how U.S. citizens (especially those do not like Bush) have let things come this far: Bush and his friends stole the presidency twice (I am not going into the how and what, there is enough evidence for everyone to find), and you just let him get away with it. As we say in Chinese: "Huogai!" (it's your own fault). I'm telling you, the whole world laughs at the U.S. (not only Europe, also Asia, where I currently reside) at how moronic you are as a nation, but also cries in pain because the U.S. dictates what is happening with the world --- it is sooooo utterly sad!

Victor, you may say "the whole world laughs at the U.S." but the truth is the rest of the world is largely made up of dirty, ignorant backward places populated with ignorant begrudgers, conspiracy theorists, america-haters and terrorists.

If you think the whining of cowardly Europeans is going to change an American's mind, you have a lot to learn. America dictates the future and is the only nation capable of policing this planet in the interest of global stability. Don't take that for granted.

"America dictates the future and is the only nation capable of policing this planet in the interest of global stability. Don't take that for granted."

What happens when there is little distinction between Jailer and Terrorist? I sense there is a problem on the side of the Police. Afganistan's proximity to Pakistan and Uzbekistan and Iran is strategically paramount--don't overstate our ability to police. We can't even catch number one criminal. Revolutions start at the fringes of civilized society and empires crumble without ethical consensus.


Good stuff here:

"John Dallas, Texas"

that says it all.

I wanna pledge alliegance to the country where I live, I don't wanna be ashamed to be American, but opportunity, no it don't exist, it's the opiate of the populist. We need some harder shit now, the truth's getting 'round,each public school is a half-way house, where huddled masses sober up and enough is not enough, to fatten the cows and feed all of us, is just a rationing of luck, what can't be bought gets raffled off, Oh God good God shed greed on me, your shining sea, turned dirty green by the industry, off the shores of new jersey, I got a letter from the army so I think that I'll enlist. No I'm not brave or proud of nothing, I just want to kill something. Too bad that now-a-days you just point and click, swing low satellite, hot-white chariot. In the computer's blue glass bombs burst in the air, there was a city there once, now nothings there. OUR FREEDOM COMES AT THEIR EXPENSE!!! Makes sense, does it make dollars and sense? They're stretching barbed wire across a picket fence, They're surrounding your, housing development, In case you lack the confidence, Oh God my God, give strength to me, those ambers waves, purple majesty, are nothing but back-drops for Disney, LOOK UP CLOSE, THEY'RE SUPER IMPOSED, on a blank blue screen, yeah it's fantasy, fucking magical, the dream floats like a chemical, through each last synapse, television laps, yeah it's beautiful.

This is another project of Conor Oberst's called Desaparacidos. (spanish for the disappearing) Check it out all!!

Holy shit, this guy rocked leno!!!!!!!!!

I am buying all his shit!


Holy shit, this guy rocked leno!!!!!!!!!

I am buying all his shit!


Excellent lyrics, execution was superb. Did exactly what it was meant to do. It's not "pretty" big WOO.

I do wish that when something this well done is performed, people who appreciate it could discuss it and the little dogs would get off our legs.

i've read about a lot of people who say that that song was a piece of shit "musically." did anyone stop to think that he wanted to keep it simple so that people would hear every line of the lyrics? i could be wrong but it seemed pretty obvious to me that musically it was simple for a purpose.


Wow. That was great. I had never heard of him before, but now I'll check out more stuff of his. I liked everything about the song.

I'm a musician and I think he's done everything in that song that makes a good song great:

Lyrics that bring around an idea that is in the background and put it in your face, you can hear what he says when he "sings", and the music was simplistic enough for the non-musician. Perfect.

For those of you arguing politics, remember this one thing: All governments are oppressive. Ours to a lesser extent than some, but still opressive. Your life is too important to be put faithfully in the hands of any politician. Don't trust our politicians, and never trust the president.

To be a revolutionary is to be American. To distrust corporate power over our democracy is to be patriotic. Don't think left or right when it comes to the media, think coporate. It's not a left or right bias, it's a corporate bias. A coporate agenda, a corporate takeover of our democracy.

Every complex social issue brought to us by our government is used to keep us devided and fighting amongst ourselves. If we are kept ignorant of our political history, and if we are kept in the dark about the political happenings in our government, we will be taken advantage of by our goverment.

So everyone, on the so-called right and so-called left, please read about our political history, and inform yourself as to the political goings on in our government. Only from the past , and with the information we need, can we know how to proceed into the future. It's our job to run this country, it's our governments job to serve us and steer the country in the direction we choose.


hello, im a total republican..i love his voice but damn, i think ppl try to hard to go out of there way to make fun of our president. You respect the president. But urself in his shoes. It fucking pisses me off that ppl are ALWAYZ making fun of him. FUCK YOU ALL WHO HAVE APROBLEM WITH HIM MOTHER FUCKERS! thank you. bye the way i love BrightEyes...but please.


hello, im a total republican..i love his voice but damn, i think ppl try to hard to go out of there way to make fun of our president. You respect the president. But urself in his shoes. It fucking pisses me off that ppl are ALWAYZ making fun of him. FUCK YOU ALL WHO HAVE APROBLEM WITH HIM MOTHER FUCKERS! thank you. bye the way i love BrightEyes...but please.

The performance was wonderful. Even better was to see Jay Leno take a stand for what is good. He knows all about the blacklists of entertainers the McCarthy era, and he sees it happening again with this new rise in American fascism. Then I come to message boards like this and see the righties all getting their panties in a wad -- hard to beat that for entertainment value.

"Look over there! It's a newly married interracial gay couple burning the American flag!"

I am so completely sick of conservatives. If we are supposed to be the land of the free, and Liberals, "left-wingers" want to loosen censorship, allow people more personal freedoms, and Conservatives are all about deciding for themselves by their own set of rules what is right and wrong and pushing those principles on the rest of the country, shouldn't it be painfully obvious that LIBERALS ALLOW ROOM FOR CONSERVATIVE LIFESTYLES BUT CONVERSATIVES DO NOT ALLOW ROOM FOR LIBERAL LIFESTYLES, making them inherently oppressive and WRONG?! We don't want to force you to be like us, we just INSIST you allow us to be the way we are.

I'm not sure what conservatives are so afraid of. I didn't realize gays, intellectuals, and non-christians are kryptonite to the morally invinsible religious right.


@joe: The answer is perfectly simmple. Fondamental religious groups where the truth is given by a higher autority whatsoever and the system of a society where different opinions can be expressed freely are not compatible. When a religious group comes to conclusion that a government was errected by god then every opposition to that government is regarded an attack to the religious beliefs of that particular group. And that is why you see these harsh reactions.


Perhaps Leno has finally realized what a cog his mediocre show is in the dumbing down of the U.S. Conor Oberst is the perfect panacea: a principled, intelligent, good-looking, independent singer/songwriter who has found a way to be mainstream-relevant in the face of virulent religious fanatacism.

By the way, I get so frustrated at the characterization of dissenting voices as "conspiracy theorists" by the same people who read gun control as an attempt to steal their guns.

The bottom line is that probably two generations have now been educated in a system that has been denuded of any critical thinking. And as long as that trend continues, "the greatest democracy in the world" is doomed to a hollow future--one of more name-calling and oversimplified, "blue vs. red," short-attention-span dick measuring. ironic isn't it, that we probably can't think of a single country other than our own that is so complacent about its liberty? That's not because our liberty is so solid, either. It's just a byproduct of seeing nothing but two sides to complex, dangerous issues. That's how we are successfully divided into so-called "liberal intellectual elitists" and "stupid redneck Jesus freaks." The reality is that our current political representation of this left and right are all to some degree on the same side, lining their pockets and staying elected. Discouraged by the shiftiness of our public officials, and pacified by our easy consumptionism, we choose inaction as some kind of passive-aggressive form of protest. Blogs are great, but when was the last time you came out from behind your "anon" aliases and engaged someone in an actual in-your-face debate? Regardless of what you think of his politics, Conor Oberst put his thoughts out there to a national television audience.


You're right about one thing Charles, gun control isn't about stealing guns, it�s about control, and once they have control, you loose mister! Take a look about the crime rates in New York, Chicago, Great Britain, and Australia; all because someone�s right to own a firearm was taken away. Pretty soon music itself will be outlawed, because that falls into the 1st Amendment category, as is freedom of speech you dumb asses! And most people out there have given that up and they don't even know it - by sitting there and not speaking out against the crap that's being shoveled down your throats. When is everyone gonna get it? It's not about left and right anymore, it's about right and wrong. GREAT SONG BY THE WAY...which wasn't intended to be a number one hit on the charts, but to get a message out...and perfect timing amidst the lowest approval ratings for a president who talks to the devil, not God. Thanks Mr. Leno, for giving someone a chance to speak up for what he believes.


Hah, what a little pussy. He cant sing, so he throws some bullshit at the president, and now everyone loves him! Wooooo!

Hah, what a dumbass!


Mike, no one has yet been able to demonstrate to me the need for assault weapons. Do you really think there would be less crime in Metropolitan areas if everyone owned these things, or even owned regular handguns? I've also never seen a valid reason why people shouldn't have to wait to get their handguns--which is another thing the gun lobby would call an infringement on their rights. Perhaps all those kids in Colombine would've survived if they were allowed to carry assault weapons around school to defend themselves? How about that family in Ohio that just got shot up by its 18-year-old son who just inexplicably flipped out. Maybe they should've had guns at a graduation party just in case things got out of hand! True, guns don't kill people. People kill people. But they sure do it more handily when they have easy access to guns.

In Japan, you can expect not to get shot anywhere. In Canada, you can expect not to get shot.

No, Mike, no...There isn't a government conspiracy to disarm us and then exercise totalitarian control. There doesn't need to be. We willingly cede control to a fattening oligarchy which already has control of our military and our media. It's a bloodless coup, brought to you by American complacency. There is no incentive for them to disarm us.

In fact, this government has managed to use an extreme viewpoint and scare tactics--"the liberals wanna take your guns"--to rally people to vote this administration back in. If it's not that, it's "the liberals wanna take away Christianity." Tell the average drooling, media-mainlining, complacent American that something is being taken away from them, and suddenly they'll CONSIDER going to the polls to vote. "The liberals are taking away marriage and giving it to the gays. We need to defend marriage." Extremism polarizes people who are predisposed to polarization. Now why the fuck more of these same Americans weren't outraged by the imminent dissolution of their Social Security retirement benefits, or vigilant about their rights against illegal search and seizure, for instance, is just baffling. Scratching my head over that. Maybe it needs to be posed as "Bush is taking away your money and giving it to shaky, shady corporations," or "Bush wants to be able to imprison you without giving you a trial," or "Bush wants to take away your expectation of privacy." Nah...too difficult to understand.


Sorry, one more thing...

Control is, unfortunately, too scary a word in this context. I think moderation is more the meaning that needs to get across. No big conspiracy to keep guns out of the hands of citizens. Just reasonable definitions of what kinds of guns those citizens need to defend themselves, and reasonable counterbalances to the fact that human beings wig out and use guns in irresponsible ways occasionally.

I liked what you said Charles. But why not campaign on the theme that a person who speaks in tongues is not fit to lead our powerful nation. There is no shortage of that 'tongues' material.

What is amazing to me is that some kid with a guitar and some lyrics makes much more sense than our president. It's because the kid is in touch with the people and the president, his 'demons'.


Hear, hear! Tongues and divisive rhetoric. But hey, people love the idea of having him over for their backyard barbecue, and he doesn't make them feel dumb. That's the standard for an American president these days. Clinton managed to be that rare combo of backyard barbecue and intellectual appeal. But this president...?

You're absolutely right that Conor's simplicity is his greatest asset. He's deep, but he knows how to communicate that depth. I think people who object to his low-fi musicianship are missing the point. I'm encouraged to see people returning to message over production values. It was a stunning move on Leno's part to feature him.


Hey Charles. Ruffled your feathers. Well I don't know why because I was merely following up to what you had said and by no means meant to critcize your words. Did I say one thing about what kind of guns we should be allowed to have? No we should not be allowed to tote an automatic weapon around for everyone to see. Every time I hear something like the Ohio shootings it makes me sick. Maybe the kid was on drugs that came from Mexico, across our unprotected borders. I'm not a liberal or a conservative. The government is all in this together - to divide the people. I don't believe the mainstream media. But I do believe in my Constitutional rights, which are being dissolved in a secret meeting somewhere right now. Bush is giving our money to the oil companies and God knows who else. The Patriot Act is a sham to invade your privacy. You will be guilty until proven innocent. That's what Bush wants and that's not too difficult for me to understand. I get it Charles. I'm on your side, the side that's right.


One more thing Charles, my apology for "following up" on your words without knowing exactly where you were coming from. Great lyrics by the kid who wrote the song. Remember these lyrics? �pleased to meet you, hope you guessed my name��.His name is Bush.

I was never a Bright Eyes fan before. I happened upon clips of this performance, and I may never purchase Bright Eyes albums in my life, but that's not the point. The point is that someone had the balls to convey a message that Americans NEED to hear. A right-wing, "religious" regime is convincing Americans to sell out on their own democracy. Wake up a-holes, the president's agenda is kind of like Hitler's: Make EVERYONE think like you). It's BS, and I'm soooo happy that Bright Eyes publicized this sentiment! Keep on rockin' in the free world!


Actually the kid was the very graduate they were celebrating with the party: White male, 18, well-liked. He wasn't some kind of invader through our borders--another "them" vs. us scenario that's popular with the Bush administration. Nope, just another kid--one of "us"--who just flipped out and used a rifle that was within his constitutional rights to own. Mike, I don't mean any offense to you personally, and I like that we're on the same page about Bush. But I also think people need to be careful not to lump gun control in with any perceived government conspiracies. I take great offense in having my free speech and privacy rights taken away because neither of those rights of mine have ever interfered with anyone else's rights--pursuit of happiness, or life, for instance. But MODERATING the right to bear arms in an unforeseen age when technology has dramatically changed the implications of gun ownership is not offensive to me. Those kids and numerous other victims of gun-involved crimes of passion had their right to life stolen from them. Furthermore, this administration is against gun control, and that makes me even more suspicious of the gun rights lobby. I'm sorry that I need to disagree with you on this point, but I'm glad you and I agree about the other threats this administration poses to our civil liberties. Thanks for your thoughts.

Hi. Has anyone realized that Jay introduces a song that Connor doesn't end up singing? I can't make out what song Jay is trying to introduce, but I'm starting to think that Connor hijacked the appearance and made the most of his chance to actually say something relevant. Am I wrong? Feedback?

What ever u r,whether u like it or not, in a genuine democracy all people have a right to express their political views especially those referring to current political administration of the State. It is a must that in a democracy everyone should have equal access to the Mass media and public communication systems. These rights are denied to the citizens only in a Totalitarian police state that can either be right or left.

Victor, your statement of, "you may say "the whole world laughs at the U.S." but the truth is the rest of the world is largely made up of dirty, ignorant backward places populated with ignorant begrudgers, conspiracy theorists, america-haters and terrorists. If you think the whining of cowardly Europeans is going to change an American's mind, you have a lot to learn. America dictates the future and is the only nation capable of policing this planet in the interest of global stability. Don't take that for granted." disgusts me more than I have ever been disgusted in my life.

I'm not trying to say that I know everything there is to know about politics or the world, but apparently you've never been out of the US. I am a college student (apparently trendy in my politics as most people have previously deemed university students...I mean, obviously I don't have my own opinions and can't postulate theories on my own...I'm just studying to be your Dr. in a few years and all...), and have studying abroad twice now and have traveled most of the world throughout my life. The fact that you are so adament about putting down the rest of the world shows the exact problem with many Americans sharing your same sentiment. We are not #1. Our country used to be #1 in every matter possible, but that was because we were respected. How many people respect us now? Yeah, let's take a poll...definitely not the majority. I don't even respect most Americans, not because of their political views since I believe overall that everyone is entitled to their own legitimate opinion, but because of the complete disregard for the needs of my generation and the rest of the world. During my recent experiences in Europe I was honestly ashamed to say that I was American. Europeans would question me about Bush and "our" politics and I would very quickly explain that his politics are NOT "our" politics. The majority of the rest of the world is anti-Bush and that is very clear and we all have to admit that the majority of sensible Americans are anti-Bush as well.

The thing that bothers me the most is the automatic stereotype of me that Europeans and others have. To them, I am a selfish indulgent American. They do not see how many of us are trying to do anything and everything we can in order to surpass this terrible time that our country is going through. That's just fantastic that you can sit back while many of the brightest Americans are leaving the US to move to Europe. Maybe no one has noticed that especially since Bush has been around America's scientific progress has pretty much halted. Scientists are being limited and driven out of our country and pushed to France and the Nordic countries because of their liberal embryonic stem cell research laws. I know this is bringing up an entirely new topic, but Bush seems to be thinking about today and not tomorrow. What the hell does he see happening 10 years down the road? Well, I'm sure he doesn't care since he'll probably be permanently vacationing in another country. The scary thing is that most of my friends at University with me are planning to move abroad. I am curious as to how many people in my generation are sick of the political bullshit and everyones disregard towards us. I am curious as to how many of my peers are going to move to other countries because from what I'm hearing it's a lot and you Bush supporters, if you're still alive then, will have to help dig this country out of it's massive hole.

Hmmm...buncha youngsters in here. Johnny Cash never sang one Vietnam War protest song, nor did he ever critisize the president in power. Dylan did, however badly his art came across.

Gun control in Australia being a failure is an urban legend: the stats sited can be found on scopes site of legendary myths. Australian firearms deaths have fallen dramatically since the inception of gun control.

The broadcast of this song is just the beginning of, hopefully, a long and successful backlash of liberalism after 8 years of oppression, crimes, and corporate greed.

As for Abu Ghraib: In the military chain of command, you do not question orders. Its rather brutal amongst your military brothers and sisters: an unspoken operant conditioning into total obedience.

You youngsters should all be mad as hell, mad as hell. Vietnam is upon you, and all's you do is blog and whine. Civil disobedience and a refusal to accept the status quo of the Bush administration is in order here.

Channel your anger into civil disobedience. Read Howard Zinn. As a generation of critical all suck much, much worse than Bright Eye's singing.


Now, get off your computer gazing lazy butts and do something about it.


This is for the wiseguy "anon": Stop your arrogant behaviour and start listening to Johnny Cash singing "Singin' in Vietnam Talkin' Blues". To me it does not sound like a pro-war song.


"Anon" may have been wrong about Johnny Cash, but he or she is certainly right about the need for us "youngsters" to learn activism and civil disobedience. It's been proven in other countries as well as our own that peaceful protests have a powerful aggregate effect. And I have a lot of respect for that generation that used music, intellectualism, and activism to make so many changes. We all could learn a lot from them, and I am therefore not too bothered by this Anon's condescending tone. I remember the encouraging appearance of massive demonstrations and marches (totally underreported, I might add) at the start of the Iraq war, and wish that spirit would continue.

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