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Bush Caught Again

ABC highlights Bush Lies about Kerry.

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priceless clip here...i'm surprised. pleasantly surprised.

than ks! limAHHHnal


The Washington Post and NY Times have been doing a lot more of this kind of thing for a while now, but it is true that the media as a whole has failed under this president in this area. They've let him, time and again, characterize any Democrat as pro-Saddam, pro-Al Qaida, anti-freedom without the slightest peep.

The reason it's hard to do the right thing in the media today, in my opinion has to do with the fact that the public has a record low opinion of the media, and that a majority which views the media as liberal. So they know that much of the public holds that their journalistic standards in low esteem. I don't think they have much of an incentive to uphold strict journalistic standards, since it's rarely rewarded. In the age of Fox, it's better to be 'powerful' than good.

Excellent! Bon courage Peter Jennings! I cannot express how much I appreciate this man for doing this. I for one hold most of the media in pretty high esteem. Where would we be without them.


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