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Fighting A War Over Sandwiches

Maureen Dowd Right Axis, Wrong Evil
And just when you thought the Bush foreign policy couldn't sound more chuckleheaded, revelations in the 9/11 commission report being released today elevated the Bush doctrine to an Ali G skit.

The most astute prophet of the administration's Middle East muddle is Sacha Baron Cohen, the hilarious British comedian whose Ali G character is an uninformed gangsta rapper interviewing unwitting V.I.P.'s.

This Sunday, HBO will run Ali G's interview with Pat Buchanan, in which he presses the broadcaster about why no "B.L.T.'s" were found in Iraq. Mr. Buchanan plays along, but it's not clear if he actually thinks there were B.L.T.'s in Saddam's arsenal. (Mr. Cohen speculated in The Times later that Mr. Buchanan might have thought it was argot for "ballistic long-range-trajectory missiles.")

Quicktime Video 2.7MB 1'35
And here is one of my favorite exchanges.

Ali-G: Let's say he didn't have mustard and the "B.L.T.'s" just was plain would you been able to go in there then

Buchanan: No

Ali-G: Is it ever worth fighting a war over sandwiches

Buchanan: Is it ever worth fighting a war — yes



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